104: Interview With Kate Solovieva

Episode 104: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. On this week’s show, I’m sitting down with another guest and it’s Kate Solovieva.

Kate Solovieva (aka “SOLO”) is a former psychology professor, and currently a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach, and one of the coaches on the Precision Nutrition full time team, specializing in CrossFit and obstacle racing. She has coached hundreds of women through the project of transforming their bodies, minds, and lives.  

She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology, focusing on health, resilience and stress management, as well as additional training in trauma, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

SOLO is also an extreme endurance and obstacle racer, a yoga teacher, a former bootcamp instructor and passionate traveller. She writes about body image, health, nutrition, sport psychology and more at www.solovieva.com

Katie Solovieva



Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode:

5:30: A little bit about Kate’s background, her childhood, and upbringing in Siberia

11:00: What types of food options were available growing up and how that impacted her relationship with food

19:00: Kate’s emigration + time in Canada

24:30: Why she went into the field of psychology + how she transitioned into nutrition

27:00: How she discovered Precision Nutrition + what convinced her to sign up as a client

30:30: Kate’s transition from client to coach

32:00: The psychology of coaching

35:45: Coach vs. expert

38:00: Kate’s previous issues with food and body image + her recovery

51:30: The benefits and drawbacks of 12 step programs

54:30: Kate’s bucket list + how it all started

61:00: How Kate got into obstacle racing

64:00: The time Kate ran a Tough Mudder race blindfolded


Here’s how you can connect with Kate:


Precision Nutrition


Links mentioned during the show:

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Tough Mudder


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