The Real Health Formula Is Now Live

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Enrolment for the Real Health Formula is now OPEN! Go to this page, read everything you’re getting, and then…if it feels like it’s right for you, enrol now. The ”short version” is this program will show you how to: Know exactly where your health is really at and how to improve it. Understand what foods do and don’t support you so you can stop dieting and avoid the ‘fear mongering’ everyone is victim to. Make peace with your body so you can be strong and confident in your body (and can start to spend time thinking about more important things). Become in tune with how the various … [Read more...]

Video 3 Is Ready


Video 3 is ready for you and it shows what I believe is the single biggest roadblock preventing people from achieving fantastic health (and happiness in their body). You can watch it here. As with the other two videos you can leave your comments below the video and I will be answering each and every one them. Towards the end of the video I talk about my online program The Real Health Formula. It’s going on sale next Monday 20th October but is only on sale for five days so we can start the new class on Monday 27th October. I only do this class twice a year and won’t be running it … [Read more...]

Video 2 Is Now Live


I've created a new video. It walks you through the single most effective way I’ve ever used to help people work out what foods work for them…even if you’ve been on countless diets and feel like you’ve tried it all before. Aside from just learning how to figure out what foods work for you, you’ll also discover: 1. Why dieting doesn’t work...and how you can stop doing it forever 2. How you can use simple tools to become more in tune with your body…knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life 3. How I discovered some surprising foods that work well for me (they’re not your … [Read more...]

I Made A Video

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Some exciting news! I have created a video (my first ever) that you can watch by clicking here. I explain a bit about how I got into health and nutrition, some of the mistakes I made along the way and the conclusions I have made up until this point.   I hope you enjoy it. There is a comments section below the video so let me know what you think.  p.s. I've never created a video before and am really happy with the end result. Steven Spielberg probably doesn't need to be worrying about his day job but it's a good video all the same. To watch it click here. … [Read more...]

Another Great Testimonial

Jacquline Labib

It’s always nice when you open your inbox and receive a testimonial from a previous client. Someone who decided that they wanted to make a change, made the commitment to it and experienced huge improvements because of it. Below is what Jacqueline had to say about our time working together: Whilst suffering from a variety of ailments from dizzying head rushes after eating carbs to constantly ice cold fingers and toes, relentless heartburn and a general confusion about what on earth to eat after the bombardments of different diets, I came across Chris doing a workshop at Frame … [Read more...]

New Book Is Out Now….And Free For A Limited Time

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It’s here! My new book is finally up on Amazon and I can’t tell you how excited I am. It is called The Health Trap: Why Eating “Healthy” Isn’t Always Healthy.  It details the health trap phenomenon that I see everyday in practice. People doing the things that they believe are healthy but getting anything but spectacular results. I explain why this is going on and how you can break free of dieting and food prison and get much better results by focusing on your own body. While I am obviously biased, I think the information in this book can really help a lot of people. Because of this I … [Read more...]