010: Interview With Laura Schoenfeld

010 Laura Schoenfeld

Episode 010: In today's podcast I interview Laura Schoenfeld. Laura is a Registered Dietitian trained in integrative nutritional therapy for the management of chronic disease. She is passionate about making traditional diets healthful and accessible for all of her clients. While she typically uses an ancestral or “Paleo” template when making recommendations, she also recognises the importance of individual health goals, unique genetic variations, and personal preference in choosing a health supporting diet and lifestyle program. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast … [Read more...]

Fears About Weight

Food Cravings

While weight is just a number on a scale, people have many associations about what it means to be a certain number. This is true especially when people reflect upon times in the past. A lot of clients tell me that they have a real fear about weight going up. The fear is that the weight will start increasing and never stop. Here they are now at a size 10 and in their head they are already imagining that they will be 400 pounds and that it will just keep escalating. (I always find it strange that they don’t have the fear of it going the other way. That they start losing weight and it … [Read more...]

009: Health At Every Size

009 Health At Every Size

Episode 009: Health At Every Size is a movement that is growing in popularity. It was a movement largely shoved into the spotlight by Linda Bacon and her book Health At Every Size. The movement had been going on well before her but the book definitely gave it more attention than ever before. In today’s podcast I want to look at what it is really about. I’m going to cover why I’m a supporter of a lot of what it teaches and promotes. I’m also going to look at some of the shortcomings or issues with it. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 2:05 What is Health … [Read more...]

Food Quality Versus Quantity


A couple of weekends ago I went on a golf holiday with 10 mates. We went to Wales and played three rounds over three days, one of which was on the course used for the 2010 Ryder Cup (for anyone who cares about golf). While driving back home I was using my iPhone as my Sat Nav. Within about 10 minutes of setting off I started to get notifications that people were commenting and sharing a link from my 7 Health Facebook page. While this isn’t out of the ordinary, the sheer volume was different. I was getting notifications every 2 or 3 minutes and it continued non-stop for the 4-hour drive … [Read more...]

008: Interview With Josh and Jeanne Rubin

Real Health Radio

Episode 008: On today's episode of Real Health Radio I interview Josh and Jeanne Rubin from East West Healing. Josh and Jeanne are revolutionising nutrition for thyroid health by teaching people how to use food as supplementation, reduce stress and build the most sound foundation for the body to heal. They believe the greatest defence one has against the ever-changing environment is the health of the metabolism. When the metabolism is strong and the thyroid is functioning, all systems are working in synergy, just as they are meant to. Josh and Jeanne are teaching people how to use food … [Read more...]

Stop Fighting Food


People who are “seasoned” dieters make up a large proportion of the clients I see. They go on a diet, they lose some weight; over time the weight comes back…and normally a little extra for good measure. So they start another diet. They lose a little weight, things get tough, they go back to what they were doing before and the weight comes back…again with a bit added on. They lose 3kg, they put on 5kg. They lose 6kg, they put on 8kg. Ten years on they’re significantly heavier than when they started, their health is a mess and they feel like a failure. Or sometimes weight hasn’t … [Read more...]

007: Understanding Bloating

007 Bloating

Episode 007: Today’s episode is all about bloating. It is probably the most common symptom that clients suffer with so I think there will be a lot of people who can benefit from this information. While bloating is normally thought about as a simple problem that relates to eating the wrong kind of food, it’s actually more complicated than this. As you’ll hear, bloating can be happening for a wide range of reasons. And depending on where it is coming from will determine what is the best course of action for dealing with it. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast … [Read more...]