026: Interview With Stephan Guyenet

Stephan Guyenet

Episode 026: On this week's episode of Real Health Radio I interview Stephan Guyenet. Stephan is an obesity researcher and neurobiologist who brings together cutting-edge biomedical research with an evolutionary health framework.  His research spans neurodegenerative disease, aging, nutrition, and obesity, but in recent years has been focused primarily on the neurobiology of eating behavior and obesity.  He received a BS in biochemistry from the University of Virginia, and a PhD in neurobiology from the University of Washington.  His upcoming book The Hungry Brain will explain the neurobiology … [Read more...]

Relative Deprivation

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One of my favourite authors is Malcolm Gladwell. I read his first book The Tipping Point about 10 years ago and was instantly hooked. I’ve just finished reading his most recent book David and Goliath. It looks at how unfortunate scenarios and seemingly bad circumstances can actually be advantageous. Just as things that appear like an advantage, can actually be a hindrance. A concept that Gladwell talks about is the idea of “relative deprivation”. This is the idea that our impressions or feelings about a situation are not about absolutes, but are in comparison to the social norms that we … [Read more...]

Where Do Cravings Come From?

Where Do Cravings Come From

I regularly hear from people who struggle with cravings. They complain that they are a slave to sugar or a “chocolate addict”. So where do cravings come from and what are they about? If I’m simplifying things, there are two main reasons for cravings. The first is from a physiological perspective. If someone is getting cravings for this reason, it is because there is not enough energy coming in compared to what they need. This could be because the meal they ate was too small, that they’ve gone too long between meals, that they’re not eating enough calories over the day or even that … [Read more...]

025: Issues With Your Menstrual Cycle

Issues With Your Menstrual Cycle

Episode 025: Problems with a woman’s menstrual cycle is something I’m constantly asked about. So I decided to dedicate a whole show to it for this week’s episode of Real Health Radio. During the show I cover the main reasons why a woman can be having problems with her cycle or problems conceiving. We look at the issue from all different angles and explain how different scenarios can lead to similar complaints. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:00 Do you want to work together? 3:50 The role of stress 11:30 What is the female athlete triad 14:55 … [Read more...]

Starting The Day Right

Starting The Day Right

We have a mentality where we want immediate changes and gratification. People want better health and a better body and they want it yesterday.   But in reality any changes that someone sees are usually the result of consistently showing up and putting in the effort. Sure, short term someone can do some stupid stuff and they can see change. But over the long haul people rarely see results with this kind of behaviour. One of the keys to this long-term success is making changes that have a trickle down effect (something I talked before about). And one of the best changes someone can make … [Read more...]

024: Interview With Melissa A. Fabello

Melissa A. Fabello

Episode 024: On this week's episode of Real Health Radio I interview Melissa A. Fabello. Melissa A. Fabello is a body acceptance and eating disorder activist, scholar in the field of sexology, and Jurassic Park enthusiast based in Philadelphia, PA. Currently, Melissa works as a Managing Editor of Everyday Feminism, the largest independent feminist media website in the world, and is a doctoral candidate in Widener University’s Human Sexuality Studies program, where her research focuses on how women with anorexia nervosa experience skin hunger. You can contact her through her website and follow … [Read more...]

Separating Health and Weight

Separating Health And Weight

It’s the start of the year. Given the predictability of the media, diets, detoxes and weight loss are taking up huge amounts of column inches. Implicit (and explicit) in all these articles is the idea that being "overweight" is unhealthy. That fat is dangerous. That anyone who cares about their health should be making a concerted effort to battle the bulge and get in "shape." The basic premise being that weight in and of itself is a problem and that if we can get it off (by whatever means) our health will improve. .... This is an article I wrote for Ravishly. You can read the whole … [Read more...]