Why Willpower Is Not The Answer


When I speak to people who consider themselves ‘unsuccessful dieters’, they typically have the same explanation. No, it’s not that the diet was too hard or that it was too extreme. It’s that they don’t have very good will power or that they are weak willed. This is a lie that has been perpetrated for a while. Occasionally I make the mistake of reading the comments on an article talking about obesity. These people are deride as being ‘fat and lazy and not having any willpower’. That if only these people tried harder, that they would succeed. I eat really well and most of my food is home … [Read more...]

My Book Is Free For A Limited Time

Health Trap

For the next 4 days my book The Health Trap is free on Amazon. For Amazon UK click this link.   For Amazon USA click this link.   I am really proud of this book and if you check out the reviews you will see that lots of people loved it as well. Get you copy today (and feel free to share the links with any family and friends who you think will be interested). … [Read more...]

New Testimonial

G.M. Testimonial

Below is a testimonial I received from a client I just finished up with. "I really enjoyed working with Chris and can’t recommend him highly enough. You can tell Chris has a genuine passion for what he does and he genuinely cares to get the best out of you; this was consistently shown to me throughout our 5 months working together. From all the conflicting information out there I had a lot of confusion and lost confidence in what I could eat. I thought I was eating a pretty ‘healthy’ diet but I still had some niggling health issues. With Chris’s knowledge I was able to overcome these … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 13.25.01

Last night I hosted a webinar called “How Thoughts And Beliefs Affect Your Health”. If you missed it first time around, or want to watch it again, here is a replay of it: Note: In the webinar I mention about a promotion I have on at the moment where you can have a free consult with me. To apply for this please click here. … [Read more...]

How Thoughts And Beliefs Affect Your Health


When people decide that they want to improve their health or their body they normally think they have two options. The first is to change what they are eating. This could be some basic stuff like eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water or doing more of their own cooking. Or it could be something more formal, where they start to follow a particular diet that they found online or read in a book. There is a lit of instructions for what to eat and what not to eat and they follow it verbatim. The other option people have is to change their exercise routine. And again, this … [Read more...]

Free Consult


I’m not a very technical person when it comes to computers. But despite this, I built the 7 Health website that you are currently looking at. I have also built websites for my online programs as well. So how have I been able to do this? Some of it has been with the help of Google or Youtube. It’s amazing what you can find online when you search for it. But mostly it’s because of my brother, Pete. He runs his own IT company and from as young as I can remember he was into computers. He is always there for me when I need help. I can’t tell you how many times I have spent 4 or 5 hours … [Read more...]

Why Juice Fasts Don’t Support Detoxification

Juice Fasting

I am pretty good at ignoring the fad diets that seem to come and go. Rather than give them airtime I would prefer to just let them be. But one such fad that doesn’t seem to be going away is the idea of ‘doing a detox’. I can’t check Facebook these days without seeing posts promoting juice fasts and cleanses. And it’s now reached a tipping point where I feel I have to say something. While the alternative health world seems besotted with detoxes, the mainstream takes the opposite view. They call the idea ‘quackery’ and comment that the body does detoxification on it’s own and that you … [Read more...]