Free Webinar On Improving A Woman’s Cycle


So all last week I sent you articles about supporting a woman’s cycle. It’s an issue that nearly every woman I see is suffering with and one that I’m regularly asked about. Well the articles went down really well. I got lots of emails and comments about them, which is nice. And seeing as it’s something that is so important to so many women I’ve decide to put on a webinar about it. This Thursday 7th May at 7:30pm (London time) I will be hosting a webinar called "Taking Control Of Your Cycle". Here is just a snippet of what we’ll cover: What is the “survival order of needs” and how … [Read more...]

Foods To Support Your Cycle

Foods To Help Your Cycle

So far this week I have talking about different aspects of a woman’s cycle. I’ve been giving you tips and ideas so that you can better understand and improve it. Today I want to give you some food suggestions. Before I jump into a couple of specific foods, let’s start with the basics. The first things I always focus on with clients is making sure they are doing the foundational stuff right. By foundational stuff I mean making sure that they are eating enough calories, that they are eating often enough, that they are eating foods that they can digest, and eating in a relaxed manner. If … [Read more...]

Anovulatory Cycles

Anovulatory Cycles

Today I want to talk about something that is rather common in women. It’s something that is more likely to happen as you get into your 30s and 40s, but can still happen in younger women. What I am referring to is anovulatory cycles, which is where you get your period even though you haven’t ovulated. A woman’s cycle can be broken into the two phases. The first two weeks are known as the follicular stage as this is about building up the follicle, which you can think of as the egg. The second two weeks are known as the luteal phase and the focus here is on continuing to build up the … [Read more...]

Female Athlete Triad

female athlete triad

It’s rare that I see a female client that isn’t having some issue with her cycle. Sleep, digestion and immune function; all of these can be in good working order. But problems with their cycle is normally a given. So let me clarify what I mean when I say problems. For some women this can mean that they are getting their period but they are having various symptoms. Pain, bloating, cramping, skin outbreaks, cravings, sleep issues, the list goes on. For others their cycle is too short, too long or just irregular Sometimes it 27 days, the next month it’s 36, the next month it’s 40 … [Read more...]

Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

PMS Pain

Pain, bloating, skin outbreaks, cravings and irritability. These are just a couple of the common symptoms that women experience each month as part of their cycle. None of them are particularly pleasant and aren’t the kind of thing that women relish in experiencing; but despite this, they are important. As horrible or as painful as symptoms may be, they are feedback from your body that something is going on. A clear message telling you that what you are doing might not be working so well and you should try something else. But what do most people do? They try to ignore their symptoms, … [Read more...]

The Myth Of The Perfect Meal

The Myth Of The Perfect Meal

We are constantly told about the health benefits of food. It’s something I truly believe in otherwise I wouldn’t be doing the job that I do. But unfortunately some people take this idea too far and “healthy” eating leads to worry and panic. One aspect of this is the myth of the perfect meal. For some people each meal is an agonising search for the foods that contains the exact right amount of vitamins and minerals that they believe they need at that specific moment. Indecision ensues and they feel paralysed for fear that they are making the wrong decision. And sadly, no matter what they … [Read more...]

I’m Hosting A New Supperclub

Counter Albion

At the start of last year I was approached by the Albion Café in London to create an item for their menu. They had been following me for a while and liked my take on health. They wanted something for the menu that was healthy but was also hearty; not just the normal green smoothie type health food option. So I put together a breakfast item, Grilled Sweet Potato Hash with Spinach and Poached Eggs. And people liked it. A lot. It’s regularly the highest selling option on the menu, and always in the top three. (I often get texts, emails and tweets from people saying something like ‘just had … [Read more...]