037: Setting Up And Running A Successful Practice

Setting Up And Running A Successful Practice

Episode 037: On this week's episode of Real Health Radio I am looking at setting up and running a successful practice. I share what I think has been most helpful for me and some of the pitfalls. I go through my story and journey from start to where I am today to provide context for some of the suggestions but to also give a real life example of what it's like. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 2:15 Where I studied 4:35 How I felt like a fraud when I was starting out 8:20 Why you should put out content regularly 11:05 How I got into … [Read more...]

036: Interview With Jodie Arnot

Jodie Arnot

Episode 036: Welcome to another episode of Real Health Radio, this week I'm interviewing Jodie is the director of Healthy Balance Fitness a multi-award winning group fitness business based in Melbourne, Australia, and the co-founder of The Moderation Movement. Jodie is spreading the word that quitting foods you enjoy, and forcing yourself to do exercise you hate, is not the way to a healthier, happier life.  After 18 years experience, Jodie is on a mission to make the fitness industry less about aesthetics and more about true health outcomes. Here’s what we talk about in … [Read more...]

The Gift Of Pain

Dr Paul Brand Cropped

Paul Brand was born in 1914 in India. In 1923 he was sent to the United Kingdom to further his education. He went on to study medicine and later gained his training as a surgeon, working in casualty surgery during Second World War and the London Blitz. In 1946 he moved back to India and started the work for which he became well known. He visited a Leprosy Sanatorium at Chingleput and became interested in figuring out the reasons for the deformities that leprosy caused. At the time it was a disease that was poorly understood and had a lot of stigma attached to it. Those who became … [Read more...]

035: What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

What Does It Mean To Be Happy

Episode 035: On this week’s episode of Real Health Radio I explore the topic of what it means to be happy. I cover some of the misconceptions around “being happy” and how this idea can be better viewed. I then look at ways to cultivate more happiness or positive emotions (and experiences) in your life. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:50 Inspiration from Tim Ferriss and Brene Brown 5:30 Using intimate relationships to understand happiness 10:10 Dr Seligman’s research on authentic happiness 14:45 Why thinking “I’ll be happy when I’m thinner” … [Read more...]

The Different Components Of Health

Different Components of Health

When you hear the word “health” what do you normally think about?   Do you have a specific look in mind of what it means to look healthy? Do you think about various systems like digestion or reproduction and think about how these would be working in a “healthy” person? Maybe you think about various symptoms and whether someone would experience them if they were “healthy”.   When I speak to people or ask clients this question, the majority of the responses have one thing in common. The answers nearly always focus on physical health. Symptoms, body systems, exercise ability – these … [Read more...]

034: Interview With Scott Kustes

Scott Kustes

Episode 034: Welcome to another episode of Real Health Radio, this week I'm joined by Scott Kustes. Scott is a former Crossfit and Paleo evangelist who after many years realized the diet as was following wasn’t helping his health. He is the author of a series of books called Kill Your Diet and co-hosts his own podcast called Evil Sugar Radio. Gone are the days of focusing on extreme diets and restrictive regiments, now he prefers to focus on easy health advice, global health, food politics, and myths in the health industry. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast … [Read more...]

Macro Ratios

Macro Ratio

Not long ago the idea of “macro ratios” was something that was pretty much confined to those who did physique competitions or heavy amounts of training. But these days more and more people have heard the expression “If It Fits Your Macros” (and the acronym IIFYM) and like so much of “health,” niche ideas have now trickled down to the masses. So for those not in the know, what does the term “macro ratio” mean?    Macros is short for macronutrients and refers to carbs, protein and fats. Alcohol is the fourth macronutrient but when most people are talking about these ratios it is mostly … [Read more...]