045: The Female Menstrual Cycle

The Female Menstrual Cycle

Episode 045: Today's episode of Real Health Radio is all about the female menstrual cycle. It's something that most woman have a poor understanding of, so I cover the different hormones, organs and physiological changes that occur across the cycle. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:10 My holiday update 8:20 The organs of the menstrual cycle 10:25 The different hormones being produced 15:25 The phases of the cycle 17:05 The follicular stage 19:00 The changes in hormones that lead to ovulation 22:15 What happens after ovulation 26:25 Why … [Read more...]

Complexity vs. Simplicity

Complexity vs. Simplicity

A couple of weeks ago my parents were visiting and for a long weekend we went to St Ives in Cornwall. St Ives is a little seaside town and that my parents last visited exactly 40 years ago when they were living in the UK.  One morning Ali and I went out for a stroll to get some breakfast. While I enjoy coffee, it doesn’t bother me whether I have it or not. For me it’s not that big a deal.   Ali is very different. She really likes coffee and it’s more of a must rather than a take or leave it thing. Whenever we go away she’ll scour Trip Advisor, find the most liked coffee place that knows … [Read more...]

044: Understanding Protein


Episode 044: Today's episode of Real Health Radio is all about protein. First I cover what protein is used for in the body. And then we look at other issues relating to protein like bioavailability of different sources, how much protein you need and how to roughly work this out, animal sources versus vegetarian sources, inflammatory amino acids and whole lot more. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 2:10 What is protein 4:10 How is protein digested 7:00 Protein for muscle, collagen and bone 9:35 Protein and detoxification 10:50 Digestive … [Read more...]

The Meaning Of Fitness

The Meaning Of Fitness

Fitness is a word that is part of our every day verbiage. It’s a word that most people probably think they understand the definition of. But when I look at how people are training (and the eating they do to support this training) I’m unsure if people accurately understand what fitness is truly about.   Now the way we think about fitness will differ depending on the reason that someone is training. If you’re a professional athlete or attempting to become a professional athlete, the idea of fitness is more narrow in its definition. It is about training in a way that makes you better in … [Read more...]

043: Interview With Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance

Episode 043: Welcome to another instalment of Real Health Radio, this week I’m interviewing Sarah Vance. Sarah is a body image and disordered eating coach who helps others find peace and freedom around their body, food, and self-care. She helps women reconnect with their inner radiant self, and start living the life they truly deserve. As a former bikini competitor and fitness model, she is familiar with extremes and encourages others to find their gray. She believes in the power of our mindset, and standing in the power of who we truly are. You can grab her free guide on 5 Mindshifts to Make … [Read more...]

042: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment

the minnesota starvation experiment

Episode 042: On this week's episode of Real Health Radio I'll be discussing The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. This fascinating experiment has had a huge impact on me as practitioner so I want to share some insights about it with you. I explain the background of the experiment and why it happened, what took place as part of it, and what the results were. As I go through I also explain why I think this information is so useful, both for those who diet but also for those that suffer with eating disorders. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:00 My … [Read more...]

Overcoming Emotional Eating Summit

Overcoming Emotional Eating Summit

When I first started as a nutritionist years ago I had no idea what was in store for me. I thought I would be largely helping people to be eating better food and doing more exercise, but I soon discovered that it would not be this straight forward. I remember a time back in 2011. As often happens in nutrition, I had two clients book in at the same time with a similar set of conditions. I don’t know why but it’s common to get clusters of clients at certain points that are going through the same thing. These women’s chief complaint was that they wanted to lose weight. It was something … [Read more...]