080: Interview with Isabel Foxen Duke

Isabel Foxen Duke

Episode 080: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. Today I'm bringing back a previous guest for a round two, and that guest is Isabel Foxen Duke. Isabel is a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women make peace with their bodies, so they can stop obsessing about food and get back to living awesome lives. After years of trying to overcome emotional eating through "traditional" and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their food issues once and for all.   She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, XOJane, … [Read more...]

Body Confidence And Emotional Eating

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For a long time I’ve written and spoken about the emotional side of eating and how someone’s relationship with food is just as important as what the actually eat. It’s a topic I’ll continue to bring up, as there’s still a lot of work to do. Regularly women contact me because they struggle with confidence in their body.   They are confused about what to eat and are overwhelmed with guilt when thinking about their choices. They swing between “good” and “bad,” between calorie counting and binge eating. I’ve recently been asked to participate in a summit called “End Emotional … [Read more...]

079: Understanding Hormesis


Episode 079: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. This week's show is all about hormesis. I explain what it is, some of the mechanisms for how it works in the body and what are things you can be doing to stimulate it.  Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode: 2:35 Want to work with me? 4:05 What is hormesis? 7:30 It works because of homeostasis and the body’s adaptions 12:05 It increases the number and size of mitochondria 13:10 It improves your antioxidant defense system 16:30 It leads to autophagy and production of heat shock proteins 19:35 Caveats … [Read more...]

Overcoming Human Irrationality


I was recently listening to an episode of Sam Harris' podcast, Waking Up. During the episode, Harris referenced a study done by Paul Slovic that points to the irrationality of human nature. Harris was talking about the study through the lens of donations (although the bulk of the study is about genocide and the numbing effect of large numbers). To quote Harris: “When you show someone the picture of a single little girl in need, they are maximally motivated to help. But if you show them a picture of the same little girl and her brother, their altruistic motive to help is reduced … [Read more...]

Overcoming Dieting And Disordered Eating

Overcoming Dieting And Disordered Eating

Growing up, I was naïve to the culture of dieting.   I was lucky enough to be born into a household where weight was rarely mentioned. Food wasn’t demonised as good or bad. Not once can I remember my mum or sister going on a diet or even talking about a diet.  But over the last decade as I’ve been studying health and nutrition and now practicing in the field, I understand how much of a happy anomaly my childhood was.   The bulk of the clients I work with have been on a succession of diets and normally from an early age. They can be a decade or multiple decades into their dieting … [Read more...]

078: Interview with Chris Masterjohn

Chris Masterjohn

Episode 078: It's another guest interview episode of Real Health Radio and this week I'm speaking with Chris Masterjohn. Chris earned my PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut in the summer of 2012.  He then served as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois. And then served as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College.  In the fall of 2016, Chris made the decision to leave academia and pursue and as of January this year he’s running his own business and doing his own thing,. This includes conducting … [Read more...]

Spotify, HyperNormalisation, and Living In Echo Chambers


I’m a music lover. As a young kid of 9 or 10, I remember having a Walkman and listening to cassettes on long car journeys. It was mostly stuff my parents had introduced me to at the time, so things like Phil Collins, Elton John and Crowded House come to mind. As a teenager this love of music increased and so did my purchasing. I had a job from age 15 onwards and a large chunk of the money I’d earn got spent on CDs. Radiohead, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Rage Against The Machine got the most rotation at that stage of my life. During my later teen years, I also got heavily into … [Read more...]