I Have A New Book Coming Out

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I probably should have mentioned it before now, but I have a book coming out. I spent the last couple of months writing it and sent it off to the publisher a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday they had an editor send it back with feedback, corrections and suggestions. I spent the morning going through all of it and have now sent it back to the publisher. It’s currently getting a final proof-reading before going through the process of formatting. It really hit home that this is actually happening as I went through my final edits. I’ve worked so hard to put it together and in no time it is … [Read more...]

Paying Attention To Your Internal Dialogue

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I remember when I was first studying nutrition, a guy in my class was raving about Tony Robbins. I didn’t really know who he was, but kind of remembered him from the movie Shallow Hal. This guy was just going on about him incessantly so I decided to get a couple of his books and find out why he was so enamored with him. And I’m glad that I did. One of the big things that Robbins talks about is our internal dialogue. You know, that little voice that you have in your head that provides running commentary for all your thoughts and ideas. He states that what you consistently say to yourself has … [Read more...]

Getting A Bikini Body

Semi-Exclusive... Rachel & Hayden Enjoying A Day On The Beach In Barbados

While I don’t want to jinx anything, London has been having a pretty amazing summer. It started early and just keeps on going. This is the second summer in a row of smashing weather and it just makes such a difference. Long live the warm weather (hopefully not to the detriment to the planet). It’s the kind of temperature that normally leads to more skin being on show. The bikini body is something most women aspire to but it’s years like this that really give you a chance to show it off (or alternatively spend more time trying to hide it). Aesthetics can often be the driver for what … [Read more...]

Do You Need A Holiday?

Beach Holiday 7 Health

The alarm goes off. You hit snooze. All you want to do is stay in bed. You drag yourself to the shower and try to get going for the day. Breakfast’s a rush as you’ve been so slow with getting dressed and that snoozing for 40 minutes didn’t help. Your coffee intake’s steadily increasing and while you used to drink it because “you liked the taste” you’re now wondering how you would get through the day without it. You are starting to notice other things that aren’t right. Maybe your digestion has been playing up. Or your period is normally like clockwork and symptom free, but this month it’s … [Read more...]

Free Nutrition Consultation

Free Consult

At the start of the year I offered free one-off nutritional consultations to anyone who was interested. I spoke to over 70 people who were struggling with their health and diet and wanted some support pointing them in the right direction. The feedback from these sessions was just amazing and so I’ve decided to offer them again. For a limited time you can get access to me for a free one-off session. This is being done on a first come, first serve basis, so if you are interested get involved. To register click on this link and sign up. You will then be sent instructions for how to we can speak. … [Read more...]

If Content Is King, Then Context Is God

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I was recently watching a talk with Gary Vaynerchuk where he said that “if content is king, then context is God”. If you have no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk is, he is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who originally started out running a wine store and then became the poster boy for social media as a marketing tool. He was huge on Twitter when it was just starting out and now when a new platform starts getting big (whether it be vine or snapchat or whatever) Vaynerchuk is normally at the forefront of explaining how to use it (and often has invested in it). His comment that “if content is … [Read more...]