Body Weight And Health

Body Weight and Health

There’s something interesting I‘ve noticed - it relates to how we as a society think about health and weight. I mostly work with women. Most of them outwardly look very healthy and as they go about their day to day life, no one would think anything was wrong. They are normally slim and often have the look that most women aspire to. Some are actresses and grace the cover of magazines. But when we chat, things aren’t as you would think. Their digestion is a mess and they are suffering with constipation that leaves them going once or twice a week. Their cycle is a pain filled horror show or … [Read more...]

“Normal” Eating

Eating Disorder Recovery

I want to describe a scenario for you. There are two women and they are eating in exactly the same way. Both are eating 2,500 calories a day. Both are having the same meal structure of three main meals and two snacks. Both are doing their shopping at the exact same stores and are buying the same produce. One of these women loves this way of eating. It gives her stable energy and allows her to make it through the day feeling focused and without any crashes. She sleeps well. Her cycle is regular. She is happy with her food intake and believes it supports her. The other woman hates this … [Read more...]

Orthorexia: When “Healthy” Eating Goes Too Far


Over the next few years it is likely you’re going to be seeing more about a condition known as orthorexia. As a nutritionist I’ve been exposed to it for a long time but it’s now receiving wider recognition. What is it? Orthorexia nervosa is a term which literally means “fixation on righteous eating.” It’s a condition where people have an unhealthy obsession with eating “perfectly”, “clean” or “pure” and have a fear around foods that are “unhealthy”. It’s a fairly new condition and hasn’t yet been recognised in the DSM-5; a big book which includes all conditions that can be diagnosed by a … [Read more...]

New Webinar

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I regularly have people contact me asking for help. They are struggling with which diet to follow, issues around body image and their relationship with food, they’re constantly trying to lose weight, or they’re suffering with a multitude of symptoms. Whenever I meet people in real life and they find out I’m a nutritionist, they want to pick my brain and ask questions. Their mum’s doing some new diet, what do I think of it? They’ve just read some book or watched some TED talk on nutrition and what to know, do I agree? Through these conversations, what’s become apparent is that all these … [Read more...]

I’m Hosting Another Supperclub


At the start of last month I collaborated with Counter Albion to host a couple of supperclubs. I’m pleased to say that they were a success and everyone loved the food and what I had to say. So I’ve decided to make it a regular thing and the next one is going to be on Thursday 25th June. The menu is as follows: Canapé Devilled quail eggs Starter Sauté scallop with samphire apple and chilli vinnaigrette Soup Chilled English pea soup with cucumber and mint crème fraîche raw radish Main course Hay baked turbot with jersey royals and pickled baby gem seaweed and mustard … [Read more...]

Is Your Body Image Tied To Your Weight?

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We live in a society that values how someone looks, above almost anything else. This is more so for women, but men definitely aren’t spared. These standards of perfectly lit and airbrushed women and bulging and muscle-bound men are near impossible to reach. But this doesn’t change our desire (or belief) that with enough effort and dedication we can get there. With this as the backdrop, it then becomes common place that when someone has issues around food or body image, they believe it is because of how they look. That if they can lose more weight, then things will get better. If they get … [Read more...]

Being Healthy Should Be Fun

Singing in the car

There is a great anecdote in Alfie Kohn’s Punished By Rewards. Kohn used to be a teacher and talks about giving a young student a lift home one time. She wasn’t a very good student and was labeled as someone who had trouble learning. During the trip home Kohn had the radio on and this student spent the whole journey singing every song, word for word. While she may have had trouble concentrating and remembering things in class, she was totally present while listening and singing, and knew every verse and key change. I remember a similar situation when I used to work an office job. I would … [Read more...]