097: Interview With Brian St. Pierre

Brian St. Pierre

Episode 097: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. On this week's show I'm sitting down with another guest and it's Brian St. Pierre. Brian is the Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition, working with a host of fitness professionals and professional sports teams including the San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Browns, and more.  Prior to his work with Precision Nutrition, Brian worked for three years at Cressey Sports Performance as the head Sports Nutritionist and as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, working with hundreds of athletes and recreational exercisers of all types. … [Read more...]

Tummy Webinar

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Go here if you want to find out more information about Tummy. If you would are a practitioner or an individual and would like to try out Tummy for free, please email info@seven-health.com. … [Read more...]

096: Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease

Understanding Hashimoto's Disease

Episode 096: Welcome back to another installment of Real Health Radio. This week I discuss Hashimoto's Disease and the ways that it can impact health. I explain what Hashimoto's is, the role of the immune system in the disease and ways to test for it if you suspect it is an issue for you. I also discuss the possible role of food sensitivities, common medications used to treat Hashimoto's and offer resources to seek out if you are looking to learn more. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:25 Resources I found helpful in my research on Hashimoto's … [Read more...]

Hormones, Weight Gain And Aging

Hormones, weight gain, aging

I love studying physiology. When I reflect on the body and it’s abilities, I’m routinely in awe at what it does. Without you even thinking about it, these highly complex and intricate processes are happening everyday. The female reproductive system is one such area. The multiple hormones, organs and systems involved are truly astonishing. And as I currently watch my pregnant fiancé growing bigger everyday, it’s a constant reminder. A number of the “reproductive” hormones have roles outside of reproduction. Oestrogen and progesterone are obviously crucial to the menstrual cycle and for … [Read more...]

095: Context With Health

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Episode 095: Welcome back to another installment of Real Health Radio. This week I look at context in health and the need to account for it when looking to improve your health. Rather than certain foods or habits being “healthy” or “unhealthy” in a binary way, things happen on a continuum and this continuum is context specific. I give examples from my experience with clients and provide a general way of using context so that you can begin to think about how to use it in your pursuit of health and wellbeing. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 0:48 Tummy Webinar … [Read more...]

094: Interview With Charlotte Goodall

094 Charlotte Goodall

Episode 094: Welcome to another episode of Real Health Radio. Today is another guest show and I'm chatting with Charlotte Goodall. Charlotte is a distance runner and coach. Originally from Ireland, she now lives in Oxford, U.K. She has been running competitively for eight years, and in 2016 was the winner of the White Peak Race and the Ridgeway Run. She is also a keen road cyclist and dressage rider. Her interests include sports nutrition, athletic performance, body image and exercise physiology, and specifically the psychology of exercise compulsion and over training. She blogs at … [Read more...]

Common Vs. Normal

Common Vs. Normal

  There’s a trend I’ve noticed that I find concerning. It’s when we people use the words “common” and “normal” interchangeably as if they are the same thing. The word common means that something occurs often or is prevalent. The word normal is less straightforward to define, because it can mean different things in different contexts. But if we are using it in a biological sense it means naturally occurring and free from disease. And from a psychological angle it means free from mental disorder; being sane. Where I see the problem is that damaging behaviours or thought … [Read more...]