Overcoming Emotional Eating Summit

Overcoming Emotional Eating Summit

When I first started as a nutritionist years ago I had no idea what was in store for me. I thought I would be largely helping people to be eating better food and doing more exercise, but I soon discovered that it would not be this straight forward. I remember a time back in 2011. As often happens in nutrition, I had two clients book in at the same time with a similar set of conditions. I don’t know why but it’s common to get clusters of clients at certain points that are going through the same thing. These women’s chief complaint was that they wanted to lose weight. It was something … [Read more...]

041: Interview With Zoe Nicholson

Zoe Nicholson

Episode 041: On this week's episode of Real Health Radio I have the Zoe Nicholson as my guest. Zoe is the director and senior dietitian at Figureate Consulting, a busy full time practice operating from three locations in Melbourne, Australia. Zoe uses the Non-Diet Approach to teach people how to eating intuitively and help heal their relationship with food and their bodies in order to manage their health without dieting or focusing on weight loss. Zoe also has a special interest in food intolerance and is dedicated to helping people identify and manage food intolerance. Zoe is the co-founder … [Read more...]

Facts vs. Stories

Facts vs. Stories

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions an incident of assault which may be triggering for some people.  So much of our experience in life is created by what is going on in our head. What we tell ourselves, the stories we create and the meaning we attach to certain events. Something I always tell clients is to decipher between what is a fact and what is a story. Let me give a couple of examples. Let’s say you put on weight. You stand on a set of scales and you are 5 pounds heavier than when you last weighed yourself. Your weight has increased, this is a fact. But after this event … [Read more...]

The Raw Food Debate

The Raw Food Debate

Have you heard about the benefits of eating your food raw? That the process of cooking destroys enzymes and reduces the amounts of vitamins and minerals? Well despite the claims that “raw is best” it’s not so straightforward. While cooking food can reduce certain substances in a food, it also makes food easier to digest. And this is a huge benefit. In Richard Wrangham’s book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human he argues about the importance of cooked food as a boon for our evolution. Prior to cooking we spent huge amounts of our time chewing and eating and digesting food to get … [Read more...]

040: My Over Eating Experiment

My Over Eating Experiment

Episode 040: At the end of January I set myself a challenge. Every day, for a period of 12 weeks, I was going to eat a minimum of 3,200 calories per day. If was had room, I could eat more…and on some days I’d see just how high I could take it. (My highest day turned out to be just under 5,000 calories).   According to online calculators I need 2,800 calories per day to maintain my weight, so eating 3,200 as a minimum meant I would be taking in a lot of extra food. Oh, and just so you know, it wasn’t going to be all “health” food. I was going to eat everything. This included lots of frozen … [Read more...]

Body Image and Men

Body Image And Men

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at Portugal airport waiting to come back home. I’d been out in Portugal playing golf with 10 friends, as well as my Dad, who’d also flown over from Australia to join us. A very memorable holiday. As I sat killing time I was flicking through Facebook and looking for things to read. I came across this article in Esquire magazine about the rise of something called “spornosexual”. After reading this post, I suggest checking out the article. The term spornosexual is used to describe a male who is social media and selfie obsessed and takes his cues on his … [Read more...]

039: Interview With Jamie Mendell

Jamie Mendell

Episode 039: On this week's episode of Real Health Radio I have the Jamie Mendell as my guest. Jamie is a lifestyle coach, specializing in helping women master their lives by taking exceptional care of themselves. For 10 years, Jamie struggled with food, binge / emotional eating and her weight. After hitting her head against a wall for way too long, she finally transformed her relationship with food through intuitive eating and radical self-care. She continues to use her own life as a test kitchen for discovering what it means to live a happy, fulfilled life, and has coached thousands of women … [Read more...]