113: What My Clients Have To Say (Part 3)

Episode 113: Welcome to another installment of Real Health Radio. This week I’m sitting down with two of my past clients to discuss what it’s been like working together. We cover why they came to see me, what we’ve worked on and where they are now at with their health, body image, and relationship with food.  Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode: 3:00: Would you like to work with me? 7:30: Why Jill got in contact with me 11:00: What were the symptoms she was dealing with 14:00: Some of the actions she took as part of the process 18:00: What … [Read more...]

Rebroadcast: Issues With Your Menstrual Cycle

Episode 025: Problems with a woman’s menstrual cycle is something I’m constantly asked about. So I decided to dedicate a whole show to it for this week’s episode of Real Health Radio. During the show I cover the main reasons why a woman can be having problems with her cycle or problems conceiving. We look at the issue from all different angles and explain how different scenarios can lead to similar complaints. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:00 Do you want to work together? 3:50 The role of stress 11:30 What is the female athlete triad 14:55 … [Read more...]

Overcoming Dieting

Last week, Weight Watchers announced that it plans to offer free memberships to teenagers in the US. For a six-week period this summer, teens will be able to join Weight Watchers and not pay a dime. I read many articles about this announcement and made the time-sapping mistake of perusing the comments sections. To say that this decision has divided opinion is an understatement. So let me give my two cents. Teenagers are already insecure in their bodies. I’ve never inhabited a bigger body and yet there’s not a single part of me that would want to go back to being a 15 year old. … [Read more...]

112: Free Will

Episode 112: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. This week it's a solo episode and I'm talking about something that's been on my mind for a long time: free will. Do we have as much free will as we think? Or does our environment, genetics, history, and health conditions impact our decisions more than we think? Or is the concept of free will a complete illusion all together? I dig into this and cover why I think it's an important issue for how we think as individuals and how we should be functioning as a society. Here’s what I cover in this podcast episode: 0:40: Taking on … [Read more...]

Taking On New Clients

I’ve been working with clients for a decade now. Over the last five years, the majority of the time, I’m at capacity and my practice is closed to new clients. But twice a year this changes and I open my doors again. There are a handful of reasons that clients come to work with me and this short list makes up the bulk of what I do. There is typically an overlap, with many clients falling into multiple categories: Helping clients quit dieting Dieting has become many people’s most practiced hobby. Since their teenage years or early 20s they’ve been on a succession of regimes. But at … [Read more...]

111: Interview With Irene Lyon

Episode 111: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. We have another guest interview and this week I'm sitting down with Irene Lyon. Irene is a nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach who helps everyone — from the mom next door to the next big thought leaders —transform their bodies, businesses, relationships and lives through regulating their nervous systems. She helps people release their deepest traumas from their nervous systems, allowing them to finally heal from chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions they’ve tried everything to fix. Irene uses these same tools to help … [Read more...]

Fear of Vegetables

A big part of my approach when working with clients is getting them to stop dieting. This isn’t normally something I have to suggest or push on people, they come to me telling me they’ve had enough and want my help learning a different way. If you’ve been dieting for decades, as is common with the people I see, this isn’t a quick process. I was having a conversation with a client a client just before Christmas. She’d been doing really well but was coming up against a bit of a challenge. No, it wasn’t that she was eating lots of chocolate and wanted to know what to do. No, it wasn’t … [Read more...]