A Brief Hiatus


If you’re a regular reader and listener of my work, you may have noticed a slowdown with the content I’ve been putting out. I’ve only written one article in the last month and last week no podcast was released. Well, from now on and for the next little while, I’m having a break. Ali, my fiancé, is nearly 39 weeks pregnant. So literally any day now over the next couple of weeks we’re expecting a baby to turn up. This will be our first child, so it’s going to be a big change to our current life. Because of this I’ve decided to pull back on the content I put out and make the most of the … [Read more...]

105: Interview With Laura Dennison

Laura Dennison

Episode 105: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. We have another guest interview and this week I'm sitting down with Laura Dennison. Laura is a freelance journalist, illustrator and writer with a strong love of junk food. When she isn't writing for Not Plant Based or trying to cook in the kitchen, she is working on her first novel or possibly having a nap. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode: 3:00: A bit about Laura's background 5:45: The culture of food in Laura's home growing up + how her eating disorder started 13:45: The connection between anxiety … [Read more...]

104: Interview With Kate Solovieva

Katie Solovieva

Episode 104: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. On this week's show, I'm sitting down with another guest and it's Kate Solovieva. Kate Solovieva (aka “SOLO”) is a former psychology professor, and currently a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach, and one of the coaches on the Precision Nutrition full time team, specializing in CrossFit and obstacle racing. She has coached hundreds of women through the project of transforming their bodies, minds, and lives.   She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology, focusing on health, resilience and stress management, as well as … [Read more...]

Health and “Lifestyle Factors”

lifestyle factors

There’s a meme that I regularly see online. It comes in slightly different forms but one example is: “…the majority of chronic diseases are preventable and based on lifestyle factors”. I also see it where the words “chronic disease” are substituted for specific diseases. So the majority of “cancers” or causes of “heart disease” are preventable and based on “lifestyle factors”. Now this can feel like it’s sending a positive message. That we aren’t powerless and destined for this fate, that we can take control. But the problem is, we don’t necessarily have control over each of … [Read more...]

103: Interview With Eve Simmons

Interview with Eve Simmons

Episode 103: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. This week we've got another interview episode where I'm sitting down with Eve Simmons. Eve is a writer, journalist and one half of Not Plant Based. After recovering from anorexia, the 26-year old has dedicated much of her time to exposing dietary fads and health myths, which effect those vulnerable to eating disorders. She also endeavours to encourage others to follow her lead and fall back in love with all food. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode: 5:30: Eve's background 8:00: Eve's childhood + … [Read more...]

102: How Your Thinking Affects Your Health

How Your Thinking Affects Your Health

Episode 102: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. This week we're looking at how thinking can affect health. We discuss  cognitive dietary restraint (aka dieting) and negative body image, and see if they can impact our physical health as a whole. We review several studies that have been done in this area and we chat about the importance of changing our mindsets around this issue. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode: 5:00: Background on cognitive dietary restraint 9:40: Physical restriction vs. mental restriction 13:30: The research backing this … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Eating Slowly

eating slowly

The longer I work in nutrition, the more I focus on the fundamentals. Sure, it can be sexy to talk about a flashy new supplement. Or to really dig into different metabolic pathways in the body. But if the end goal is to improve health over the long term, following solid habits is what makes the biggest difference. And one of the most important fundamentals you can do is eat slowly. The simple act of sitting down and eating your meals in a relaxed and distraction-free manner is beneficial for a number of reasons.   Eating slowly and paying attention to your food increases … [Read more...]