102: How Your Thinking Affects Your Health

Episode 102: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. This week we’re looking at how thinking can affect health. We discuss  cognitive dietary restraint (aka dieting) and negative body image, and see if they can impact our physical health as a whole. We review several studies that have been done in this area and we chat about the importance of changing our mindsets around this issue.

How Your Thinking Affects Your Health



Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode:

5:00: Background on cognitive dietary restraint

9:40: Physical restriction vs. mental restriction

13:30: The research backing this up

14:00: Dietary restraint and telomere length

19:15: How ovulation, bone density and cortisol in women are impacted by dietary restraint

27:00: The impact body image has on C-Reactive protein

30:20: Whether negative eating and body attitudes are associated with increased blood pressure

35:45: Suggestions on where to go from here

37:45: Separating health and weight

40:00: Going all in


Links mentioned during the show:

Study: Dietary Restraint and Telomere Length

Study: Ovulation, Bone Density and Cortisol

Study: Negative Eating and Body Attitudes and Blood Pressure

Study: Body Image and C-Reactive Protein


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