088: Interview With Matt Stone

Episode 088: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. It’s another guest interview episode of Real Health Radio and this week I’m speaking with Matt Stone.

Matt Stone is an independent health researcher and author of more than 10 books on various health-related topics. He launched an independent investigation into health in 2005, and has since been exploring a wide range of health fields – from general physiology and nutrition to areas as diverse and specific as psychoneuroendocrinology.

His investigation has yielded many great, practical insights and simple tips on how regular people can make substantial improvements in their health – for the purpose of both improving or eliminating specific health problems and preventing some of the most common ailments in the modern world. Most of his research has drawn him towards metabolic rate and how many basic functions (digestion, reproduction, aging, immunity, inflammation, sleep) perform better when metabolic rate is optimized.

More information can be found about him at www.180degreehealth.com088 Matt Stone



Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode:

4:39 Matt’s background in health research

6:53 Being willing to challenge his own beliefs 

8:51 What lead to his decade of research into health and metabolism

11:42 His experience with cooking, both personally and professionally

19:26 How 180DegreeHealth got started

20:49  His own personal Into the Wild experience and it’s impact on his health research

26:31 How his research into metabolism evolved

31:07 How dieting and disordered eating played into his research

34:01 RRARF: what that means and how it evolved

37:59 What kids can teach us about our body and our instincts

42:00 Weight, weight loss, and his views on it

49:28 Factors that influence your tendency to lose or not lose weight

54:00 The big picture items that he believes have the most influence on health

59:25 His current involvement in 180DegreeHealth

1:01:20 Writing and where he is at with that now

1:05:33 Where to go to get more information about Matt


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  1. This was a wonderful interview with independent researcher, Matt Stone. He is as close as it comes to a “mentor” for me- This interview can actually save someone from a lifetime of dieting, over-exercising and working too hard to attain health – or a “perfect” body. It should be required listening for anyone who is thinking about dieting – before they start ruining their metabolisms!
    Great questions, Chris! Great interview!

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