Being Evidence-Based

The field of health and nutrition is filled with buzzwords. Some of them, like diets, come and go; while others are more eternal. One buzzword I’ve seen a lot of over the last couple of years is “evidence-based” or “science-based”. It’s something that many practitioners claim to be. The basic idea this term is meant to convey is that this practitioner does their research and looks into the science before making any claims. Or that when making a statement, they can back it up with some study or collection of studies. It’s meant to distance themselves from the “wellness” crowd, who make … [Read more...]

Facts vs. Stories

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions an incident of assault which may be triggering for some people.  So much of our experience in life is created by what is going on in our head. What we tell ourselves, the stories we create and the meaning we attach to certain events. Something I always tell clients is to decipher between what is a fact and what is a story. Let me give a couple of examples. Let’s say you put on weight. You stand on a set of scales and you are 5 pounds heavier than when you last weighed yourself. Your weight has increased, this is a fact. But after this event … [Read more...]