What Content Would You Like Me To Create?

Back in 2010 I first started writing a blog. I cringe at my writing back then, but this was my first foray into creating content. Since then I’ve done live talks, webinars, online programs, written a book and more recently started my weekly podcast show. At the end of last year I took on an intern, Lauren. Over the last couple of months I’ve slowly been getting her to take on more tasks, with the goal of freeing up more time. And it’s working. So I’m now in a position that I want to start something new…which is where you come in. I have a number of ideas of how I could be spending … [Read more...]

I Need Your Help

I feel incredibly lucky to do the “job” that I do. I put the word job in inverted commas because it doesn’t really feel like a job. Sure, I work hard and long hours, but all the previous times I did other jobs, it felt very different. It’s typically not hard for me to work because I thoroughly enjoy what I do.   I am also lucky that I get to work from home. I know for some people this would drive them crazy and they’d constantly find distractions; but for me it is the opposite. I love being able to just roll out of bed, take the 10 meter commute to my office and start working. … [Read more...]