Body Confidence

body confidence

I have two intakes of clients per year. At the start of and the middle of the year I take on between 20 and 25 people to work with one-on-one. I work with these clients for a 5-month period, only choosing people who are already committed to making changes and will see it through. While 5 months can seem like a long time, it really flies by. And as these clients discover, it’s definitely worth it. The majority of clients who come to see me these days do so because they want help with that messy business of how they feel about their body and their relationship with food. Sure, they normally … [Read more...]

Do You Feel Judged When You Eat?

Nobody-can-make-you-feel-inferior-without-your-consent 7 Health

Before setting up as a nutritionist I had a regular job. I worked for local government, as a housing benefits officer. I would make decisions on how much the unemployed or low-income earners would be paid to help with their rent. It was something I fell into when I first moved from Sydney to London but I ended up doing it for 7 years. Despite definitely not being ‘my calling’, it was really flexible and allowed me to study nutrition and subsequently set up my own company. I remember when I worked in the job just how much I used to eat. Every day I would be taking in mountains of food and … [Read more...]

Eating During The Holiday Period

Christmas Eating 7 Health

I don’t know how it has happened but another year has rolled by. The days are getting shorter, with a crispness in the air and wetness under foot. We are heading into the festive season at lightning speed and before you know it you’ll be surrounded wall to wall with mince pies, cheese, roasted meat and copious amounts of wine (or maybe that’s just me). So as we head into the silly season, I wanted to say a few words about food, health and nutrition. It seems that more people these days are trying to be ‘healthy’ with their diet. They do this by splitting foods into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ … [Read more...]

The Truth About Beauty Interview

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I recently did an interview with the The Truth About Beauty blog which you can see here. Below is a copy of the interview.  Today I want to share an interview I did with nutritionist Chris Sandel. I met Chris a couple of years ago through mutual friends and was very interested to find out more about his company 7 Health ( What I find refreshing about Chris is his take on nutrition differs so much to what you read in the mainstream media. Chris is going to start contributing articles to The Truth About Beauty and hopefully this interview gives you a bit of an … [Read more...]

Milkshakes, Ice Cream and Blowing Your Diet

Ice Cream

If I asked you to create a list of ‘forbidden’ or ‘naughty’ foods I would bet it’s more than likely your list would contain ice cream and milkshakes. Even if they aren’t your personal crave-inducing foods, you can at least agree that they belong on the list. Experimenters feel the same. They love to use both of these foods to analyse eating habits, particularly in relation to dieting and over eating. Let’s take a look at some studies and see what they found. In all the studies the participants completed a survey to measure two components of restrained eating. The first is restrictive eating … [Read more...]

It’s Not About The Food

Eating food 7 Health

PART 1 Being a nutritionist it seems logical that when someone comes to see me, the first thing I need to do is work on their diet. But the more I work with people, the more I see that it is not all about the food. While food is incredibly important, often it is not the most important thing to start with. To make sense of this, I ask myself ‘is the persons diet the cause of their current situation or is it a symptom?’ When the diet is the cause of someone’s issues, things are generally straightforward. We go through their current health issues, how they are currently eating and make … [Read more...]

Stop Worrying About Food

Food Emotion 7 Health

The more time I spend working with clients, the more I believe people need to stop fretting over every little thing when it comes to food. Food gets elevated to this hugely important thing in people’s minds, not an hour goes by when they aren’t thinking about it. Entangled in in the idea of food are a whole host of concepts that don’t deserve to be there – emotions, self worth, decisions about whether it has been a good day or a bad solely based on food consumption. If all this comes to mind when thinking about food it is no wonder it gets elevated above its station in life. I read … [Read more...]