Body Image and Men

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at Portugal airport waiting to come back home. I’d been out in Portugal playing golf with 10 friends, as well as my Dad, who’d also flown over from Australia to join us. A very memorable holiday. As I sat killing time I was flicking through Facebook and looking for things to read. I came across this article in Esquire magazine about the rise of something called “spornosexual”. After reading this post, I suggest checking out the article. The term spornosexual is used to describe a male who is social media and selfie obsessed and takes his cues on his … [Read more...]

Separating Health and Weight

It’s the start of the year. Given the predictability of the media, diets, detoxes and weight loss are taking up huge amounts of column inches. Implicit (and explicit) in all these articles is the idea that being "overweight" is unhealthy. That fat is dangerous. That anyone who cares about their health should be making a concerted effort to battle the bulge and get in "shape." The basic premise being that weight in and of itself is a problem and that if we can get it off (by whatever means) our health will improve. .... This is an article I wrote for Ravishly. You can read the whole … [Read more...]

Fat Stigma and Obesity

One of the biggest “issues” that we constantly hear about today is the “obesity epidemic”. The notion that we as a society are becoming fatter and that this fatness is leading to poorer health. In talking about this issue the term “obesogenic environment” has started to be used. This is defined as “the sum of influences that the surroundings, opportunities, or conditions of life have on promoting obesity in individuals or populations”. What I find when people refer to the “obesogenic environment” is that the focus normally revolves around ideas to do with exercise and food. Things … [Read more...]

NFL, Money and Dieting

Sports stars are some of the highest paid individuals in the world. And while they may have short careers, in this limited time they can amass a fortune that most can only dream of. The NFL is a perfect example. A 2013 study showed that the average NFL player earned $1.9 million per year and was in the league for 3.5 years, totalling $6.65 million. A different study put an NFL player with a median-length career as earning about $3.2 million in total. Quite different amounts of total earnings, but still a significant amount of money whichever one you take. But what is interesting, despite … [Read more...]

Fears About Weight

While weight is just a number on a scale, people have many associations about what it means to be a certain number. This is true especially when people reflect upon times in the past. A lot of clients tell me that they have a real fear about weight going up. The fear is that the weight will start increasing and never stop. Here they are now at a size 10 and in their head they are already imagining that they will be 400 pounds and that it will just keep escalating. (I always find it strange that they don’t have the fear of it going the other way. That they start losing weight and it … [Read more...]

Interest Rates And Calorie Intakes

Towards the end of last year I read the book Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins. The book, as the title would suggest, is about investing and money management but with one of the examples I was able to make some interesting parallels between interest rates and calorie intake. Imagine this scenario. You have two investors who each start with $500,000 as a nest egg. Over the course of 25 years these people get the same average return of 8.03%, which is pretty good in anyone’s book. They both take out roughly $25,000 each year to live off, although this withdrawal goes up slightly each … [Read more...]

Paying Attention To Your Internal Dialogue

I remember when I was first studying nutrition, a guy in my class was raving about Tony Robbins. I didn’t really know who he was, but kind of remembered him from the movie Shallow Hal. This guy was just going on about him incessantly so I decided to get a couple of his books and find out why he was so enamoured with him. And I’m glad that I did. One of the big things that Robbins talks about is our internal dialogue. You know, that little voice that you have in your head that provides running commentary for all your thoughts and ideas. He states that what you consistently say to yourself … [Read more...]