Possibility, Probability and the Survivorship Bias

I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss’ podcast. I haven’t read any of his books and I’m sceptical of some of the health advice I’ve heard him give, but he’s a skilled interviewer and has an eclectic mix of guests on his show. One of the ideas I’ve heard him reference a number of times is the survivorship bias. Survivorship bias is the logical error of focusing on the people or things that “survived” some process, but inadvertently overlooking those that did not, because of their lack of visibility. This can lead to overly optimistic beliefs because failures are ignored. Let me give a … [Read more...]

Body Confidence

I have two intakes of clients per year. At the start of and the middle of the year I take on between 20 and 25 people to work with one-on-one. I work with these clients for a 5-month period, only choosing people who are already committed to making changes and will see it through. While 5 months can seem like a long time, it really flies by. And as these clients discover, it’s definitely worth it. The majority of clients who come to see me these days do so because they want help with that messy business of how they feel about their body and their relationship with food. Sure, they normally … [Read more...]

Make 2014 Your Year

I want to share with you the story of Melinda, a client that I recently worked with. Melinda got in contact around June or July, she’d been reading my blog for a while and had signed up to healthy foods email series. She’d recently found out that she was pregnant and wanted to know if I could help; she’s always been someone who restricted what she ate and was proud of the way she looked but was aware of the new demands being placed on her body with the pregnancy. We had an initial chat, started working together in August and she completed her final session in November. I asked Melinda to … [Read more...]