Body Wisdom

A common story that I hear when speaking to clients is how their body is “broken”. That they are angry with their body or feel let down by it. Or online, I see more people talking about “bio-hacking”. Finding ways that they can tweak or manipulate their body to increase “muscle gains” or speed up “fat loss”. The problem with these various narratives is the lack of credit given to the body for what it does. The constant focus on “fixing” or “hacking” is an analogous to a magician’s power misdirection; you focus on what you think is important, but miss the actual explanation for what’s going … [Read more...]

My Morning Walk

Over 4 years ago I moved out of London to the countryside. After spending my whole life living in cities (first Sydney, then London) I was craving more space, greenery and a different pace of life. It’s been for the better. I could write a whole book on the benefits I’ve experienced from changing my living location. But one of the best things to come out of it is my morning walk. Everyday after I have breakfast I’ll go for a walk accompanied by my dog, Rox.  Regardless of the weather, we’ll make our way around the fields and forest and typically walk for about an hour. So why do I … [Read more...]

Overcoming Dieting And Disordered Eating

Growing up, I was naïve to the culture of dieting.   I was lucky enough to be born into a household where weight was rarely mentioned. Food wasn’t demonised as good or bad. Not once can I remember my mum or sister going on a diet or even talking about a diet.  But over the last decade as I’ve been studying health and nutrition and now practicing in the field, I understand how much of a happy anomaly my childhood was.   The bulk of the clients I work with have been on a succession of diets and normally from an early age. They can be a decade or multiple decades into their dieting … [Read more...]

Speaking In Your Office And Podcast Shows

This last year, more than any other point in my career, I’ve been using my voice to talk about health, nutrition and all the accompanying ideas I cover in this regard. And when I say talking, I’m not meaning in the sense of writing articles, I mean actual talking.   Companies have been getting in contact and inviting me to come and speak to their staff. They see the value and importance of having healthy employees and want me to provide them with information so this can happen. Some of the topics covered in recent sessions have been improving energy with food and lifestyle factors, … [Read more...]

My Over Eating Experiment

In January of this year I embarked on an experiment. I wanted to see how much weight I could put on by upping my calories. Everything else would remain the same; I’d simply start eating a lot more. So why did I want to do this? I believe we are constantly told an incredibly oversimplified view of why weight goes on (or comes off). If we want to lose weight we’re advised to simply eat less and/or exercise more. And if someone is putting on weight, we assume that they are doing the opposite. I wanted to test out this theory by increasing one half of this equation, the eating side. So … [Read more...]

The Halo Effect

Edward Thorndike was an American psychologist. He spent his career looking at educational psychology and the theory of learning. But what I want to share with you is an experiment he conducted in the 1920s. He took two commanding officers in the army and asked them to evaluate their soldiers in two areas. The first was their physical qualities, things like neatness, their voice, their energy, etc. How they used their physical characteristics to rally the troops. The second was to evaluate their personal characteristics, things like intellect, leadership skills, loyalty, … [Read more...]

A Christmas Message

I wanted to send out this quick Christmas message. First off I want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to read any of my emails, my Facebook posts, my blog articles, watch any of my videos, or if you’ve worked with me one on one or through any of my online programs. I feel so lucky to be able to wake up and do what I do every day; I thoroughly love my job. Having people follow my advice and trust my opinion is not a responsibility I take lightly. I also know how important your time is and to be spending some of that time with me means it is not something I want to … [Read more...]