Body Wisdom

A common story that I hear when speaking to clients is how their body is “broken”. That they are angry with their body or feel let down by it. Or online, I see more people talking about “bio-hacking”. Finding ways that they can tweak or manipulate their body to increase “muscle gains” or speed up “fat loss”. The problem with these various narratives is the lack of credit given to the body for what it does. The constant focus on “fixing” or “hacking” is an analogous to a magician’s power misdirection; you focus on what you think is important, but miss the actual explanation for what’s going … [Read more...]

Should you Take Supplements?

Over the Christmas period I found myself out a lot more during the week: parties, drinks, dinners… you name it. At all these events I was meeting new people, so you begin the usual chitchat. It normally begins with how do you know [insert name of person who organised the drinks/party/dinner] and goes on from there. Pretty early on in the conversation the inevitable question of what “what do you do?” comes up. My response that I am a nutritionist usually causes peoples eyes to light up. Then follows a long list of questions about what foods to eat, is this or that good for you and then some … [Read more...]