If Content Is King, Then Context Is God

I was recently watching a talk with Gary Vaynerchuk where he said that “if content is king, then context is God”. If you have no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk is, he is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who originally started out running a wine store and then became the poster boy for social media as a marketing tool. He was huge on Twitter when it was just starting out and now when a new platform starts getting big (whether it be vine or snapchat or whatever) Vaynerchuk is normally at the forefront of explaining how to use it (and often has invested in it). His comment that “if content is … [Read more...]

Traffic Lights, Guilt and Healthy Cake

I recently wrote an article for a cake magazine called Beaten and Creamed, which came out this week. Along with including a recipe from my healthy cake book, I also wrote a longer piece. The brief I was given was an article addressing the government’s traffic light labelling system and if it really works as well as touching on psychological effect/guilt response of consumers who buy products covered in red lights. The piece was meant to be 800 words but I ended up at around the 1,500 mark. To read the shorter, punchier and edited version, I would recommend buying the magazine. For those who … [Read more...]


If you read mainstream nutrition you would come to the conclusion that sugar is evil. People watch Hungry For Change and are told that is just as bad as heroin. There was a period of a couple of months after Christmas when I couldn’t check Facebook without seeing that someone was doing the I Quit Sugar program by Sarah Wilson. Status updates of “3 weeks without sugar and counting” were a plenty and it was interesting reading people’s comments. It would indicate that sugar is rapidly replacing fat as the number one health villain. During the first consult new clients often ask me if I am … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 3 – The effect of water

This is part three in my series on blood sugar. You can read part one here and part two here. I had hoped to get this out a couple of weeks ago but things have been a little hectic as I recently moved house, and also got a dog. My life has revolved around packing and unpacking boxes and throwing sticks in the park. Thankfully, things have now settled down and work (and this blog) is now back on track. A concept that I have been looking into lately is the effect of water on blood sugar levels. This was something brought to my attention by Matt Stone, one of my favourite bloggers on … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 2 – The failure of low-carb

This is part two in my series on blood sugar. To read part one please CLICK HERE. Low Carbohydrate Diets The next solution that seems to be all the rage for dealing with blood sugar issues is low carbohydrate diets. This can come in many forms like the paleo diet, dukkan, Atkins and many more. As I mentioned in part one, carbohydrates are broken down and used for energy. When the diet is insufficient in carbohydrates – whether that be intentional or not – the body has to get this energy from somewhere else. In the world of low carb writing this is portrayed as a seamless process. The … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 1 – The failure of low GI diets

Nutrition, like so many professions, has catchphrases or industry speak. The longer you spend in the field, the more accustomed you become and start to feel like these terms are known and understood by the wider population. Among nutritionists I don’t think there is a bigger catchphrase then ‘balancing blood sugars’. It is a term that gets thrown around and it is assumed that people know what it means. But in honesty I don’t think most people really know what it means. In fact, I think there are a lot of nutritionists that don’t know exactly what it means. So I want to break it down for you … [Read more...]

Traffic Light System

Being discerning buyers we want to know what is in our food (or at least have the ability to do so if we are that way inclined). While 100 years ago we were buying mostly fresh, whole foods in their natural form, times have changed. More of our food is premade and coming in packaging with a marketing story. We want to open a packet or jar and have dinner be served. Our packaged foods handily contain a list of ingredients that we can peruse. Along with this they add a selection of nutrient categories to help us make up our mind on if it is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food. The nutrient categories … [Read more...]