The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Our Weight

A client recently sent me an email telling me about a show she’d watched called The Truth About Slim People. She wanted to know what I thought about it. I rarely watch shows of this nature, as I just find myself getting angry or saddened at the misinformation. But despite my usual abstaining, I decided to check it out. The Show The Truth About Slim People followed two individuals, a male and female, who were slim but didn’t diet. They had been slim all their lives despite “putting in no effort”. Friends, partners and colleagues all testified how unfair it was that they were slim despite … [Read more...]

Our Diet Stories

As humans, we are meaning making machines. We always want to know why something is happening and will search for answers, whether they end up being based on facts or just some story we tell ourselves.   This I find to be true when people think about their diet choices. I was recently speaking to a client who a number of years ago made a drastic change to their diet. For a number of years they were a vegetarian. They bought in to the whole low fat idea and that meat was the devil’s work and so they became a vegetarian in their late teens. At some point things weren’t going so well. A … [Read more...]

Knowing What You Can And Can’t Change

When I was born I was absolutely tiny. The cord that attached me to the placenta had become tangled and the nutrients weren’t making their way through. I was so small I could fit in the palm of my Mum’s hand and spent the first couple of weeks in an incubator. As I child I really wasn’t into food. I’d probably be described as a fussy eater but I didn’t care for eating the way that others did. I’d run around a million miles an hour and eating just seemed like a waste of time. (Things have changed since then). So when you combine my poor start in the world and my lack of eating, it’s not … [Read more...]

Facts vs. Stories

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions an incident of assault which may be triggering for some people.  So much of our experience in life is created by what is going on in our head. What we tell ourselves, the stories we create and the meaning we attach to certain events. Something I always tell clients is to decipher between what is a fact and what is a story. Let me give a couple of examples. Let’s say you put on weight. You stand on a set of scales and you are 5 pounds heavier than when you last weighed yourself. Your weight has increased, this is a fact. But after this event … [Read more...]