Using A Computer At Night

It is amazing to stop and think about the pace at which technology is changing. Computers, the internet, mobile phones – all of these are fairly recent additions to our lives. But these advancements in technology have changed the landscape for how we work. More people are working in desk jobs than ever before, with farming and other manual labour being carried out by machinery more and more. These advancements in technology have also meant a blurring between work and non-work time. People will bring laptops home and work in the evening time. Or they can check emails on their phone in bed. … [Read more...]

Inequality, Health And The 80/20 Principle

There is a concept known as 80/20 Principle or Pareto's Principle that looks at the inequality that naturally occurs in nature, society and many other areas of life. This idea was really hammered home while reading a book called 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. Yes it is a business book but it lead to an ah-ha moment that can easily be applied to health, making large improvements with less effort. The principle states that in many situations 80% of the results come from 20% of the cause. While the ratios aren’t always 80/20, and could be 95/5 or 70/30, the idea is that there is … [Read more...]

Improved Sleep and Food Intake

Before seeing a client I get them to keep a food diary for five days so I have a detailed understanding of what they are eating. Rather than just looking at the foods consumed, I check the pattern of eating. To do this I look at the following: How long has it been between waking and eating? Or between dinner and going to bed? How long has it been between meals? When are they doing most of their eating? A lot of clients have issues around sleep. This could be difficulty falling to sleep, waking in the night and not being able to get back to sleep, restless or light sleep, nightmares, night … [Read more...]

Want healthy exercise? Avoid Cardio

This is the first year out of the last five years that I have not done some kind of endurance event over the summer. In the previous years I have packed my summers with marathons (London and Berlin), cycle events (London to Brighton, Caledonian Etape) and various triathlons. These events meant that I was doing a lot of training. Barely a day would go by when I wasn’t swimming a couple of miles in the pool, running 10 or 20km or cycling around Richmond or Regents Park. All of this kept me incredibly fit. But after a summer of having some time off, and reading up as much as I can on exercise, I … [Read more...]