Expectations, Restrictions, and Binges

Regularly, when working with clients, they will tell me that they had a “binge”. Whenever I hear this phrase uttered, I always ask them to describe the events in detail: what happened beforehand, what did they consume, where were they, what happened afterwards, what emotions did they feel, how were they talking to themselves and what were they focusing on? The definition of a binge is “an episode of uncontrollable eating in which a person rapidly consumes an excessive quantity of food”. Undoubtedly there are other definitions that differ slightly, but let’s stick with this one for now. … [Read more...]

My Morning Walk

Over 4 years ago I moved out of London to the countryside. After spending my whole life living in cities (first Sydney, then London) I was craving more space, greenery and a different pace of life. It’s been for the better. I could write a whole book on the benefits I’ve experienced from changing my living location. But one of the best things to come out of it is my morning walk. Everyday after I have breakfast I’ll go for a walk accompanied by my dog, Rox.  Regardless of the weather, we’ll make our way around the fields and forest and typically walk for about an hour. So why do I … [Read more...]

Understanding Self-Care

Self-care seems to be a buzzword that is spreading through the health community. It’s not new by any stretch but I can’t help but notice how much it comes up in articles or when people speak these days. But the thing that often strikes me is how misunderstood this term is. Self-care is too often associated with the clichéd things that one does to relax. Taking a bubble bath, getting a massage or doing meditation probably top the list of practices people think of when they hear the term self-care. And while I’m not against people doing any of these things, it can sometimes feel like … [Read more...]