An Ode To The Potato

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere we are heading into the cooler months. Despite the drawbacks of shorter days and walking the dog in the rain (twice a day…even in a torrential downpour…you’ve got to be kidding??), I am a fan of hearty food and love the winter grub. Today I want to write in defense of the humble potato. It regularly receives a bashing and is on most nutritionists and health advisors ‘avoid list’. I want to show why it doesn’t deserve its bad reputation and why it could be one of the best foods you include in your diet. So here goes, my ode to the potato. Most … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 2 – The failure of low-carb

This is part two in my series on blood sugar. To read part one please CLICK HERE. Low Carbohydrate Diets The next solution that seems to be all the rage for dealing with blood sugar issues is low carbohydrate diets. This can come in many forms like the paleo diet, dukkan, Atkins and many more. As I mentioned in part one, carbohydrates are broken down and used for energy. When the diet is insufficient in carbohydrates – whether that be intentional or not – the body has to get this energy from somewhere else. In the world of low carb writing this is portrayed as a seamless process. The … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 1 – The failure of low GI diets

Nutrition, like so many professions, has catchphrases or industry speak. The longer you spend in the field, the more accustomed you become and start to feel like these terms are known and understood by the wider population. Among nutritionists I don’t think there is a bigger catchphrase then ‘balancing blood sugars’. It is a term that gets thrown around and it is assumed that people know what it means. But in honesty I don’t think most people really know what it means. In fact, I think there are a lot of nutritionists that don’t know exactly what it means. So I want to break it down for you … [Read more...]