Hormones, Weight Gain And Aging

I love studying physiology. When I reflect on the body and it’s abilities, I’m routinely in awe at what it does. Without you even thinking about it, these highly complex and intricate processes are happening everyday. The female reproductive system is one such area. The multiple hormones, organs and systems involved are truly astonishing. And as I currently watch my pregnant fiancé growing bigger everyday, it’s a constant reminder. A number of the “reproductive” hormones have roles outside of reproduction. Oestrogen and progesterone are obviously crucial to the menstrual cycle and for … [Read more...]

Hormonal Punching Bags

“Just before my period my hormones make me crazy. I’m irritable, teary and God help it if someone gets between me and a chocolate bar”. This kind of comment is something I hear fairly regularly in practice. Women will complain about their hormones and it’s normally is linked to their emotions. But hormones have a much bigger impact than just affecting your mood. They are the master signallers in the body, creating actions that are body wide and directly impact on how each and every one of your cells functions. Since the 1960’s women having being taking hormones in the form of the oral … [Read more...]

Autoimmune Disease

This week I have been asked to speak at the Members’ Day for Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis UK. Not a name that easily rolls off the tongue. These conditions are autoimmune diseases so I want to use some of the information from the talk to explain where I believe autoimmune issues come from. For anyone who is unaware of what an autoimmune disease is, it is when your immune system starts attacking the body as if it were a foreign invader or something harmful. Diseases that fall in the category that most people will probably have heard of are Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Type 1 … [Read more...]

Detoxification Explained

A client came to see me for help with her diet. She has the stereotypical ‘great body’, really slim and probably looks fantastic in a bikini; the kind of body most girls would envy over. She is very health conscious and eats all the ‘right foods’. She avoids meat (particularly red meat) and only occasionally eats fish. She thinks sugar is the antichrist and is strong willed and rarely touches it (except around her period). She rarely drinks, and as much as possible, does her food shopping at the Farmers’ Markets. So what did she want help with? She had terrible periods and was a mess for … [Read more...]

Low Sex Drive

In my practice I seem to get clusters of conditions. One week it will seem that every new patient has been diagnosed with IBS, another week it will all be about weight loss, the following week it will be high cholesterol and so on. Recently I have seen a number of people with low sex drive. While this isn’t the main condition or symptom they have come in with, it is normally something they are also dealing with. It would of course be one thing if all of these people were in there 60s or 70s and had been married to the same person for 50 odd years. The spark’s not what it was used to be; I … [Read more...]

Do you Suffer with Period Problems?

he majority of my female clients suffer with menstrual problems. Some of them have been on the pill for years (or decades) because their periods were previously so bad. Others suffer with symptoms like intolerable pain, erratic moods, nausea and debilitating headaches. Some are so bad that they have to take a couple of days off work nearly every month. The causes of problems around the menstrual cycle are many. I want to touch on the main ones and the symptoms associated in each case. If you are a woman, you will probably be able to relate to some… or possibly all. The liver The first … [Read more...]

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

The oral contraceptive pill, normally referred to as just ‘the Pill’, came into use in the 1960s. The Sixties is a period associated with relaxation of social taboos, especially in the area of sexism and racism. Particularly during the second half of the decade larger groups started to react against conservatism and social conformity, questioning government and authority, and demanding more freedoms for the rights of minorities and women. The pill was very much at the centre of this. Women could start to have sex with more partners without the fear of getting pregnant. It meant they could be … [Read more...]