Why Most People Shouldn’t Stand On A Set Of Scales

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily lead to better looks. Likewise, gaining weight doesn’t necessarily make you look worse. The look of your body is more about changes in the relative proportions of muscle and fat. The number on the scale is almost completely irrelevant in most cases, and many people are making their body composition worse by trying to lose weight. On this basis, the scale is already a poor tool at best. But before we dig our heels into this topic, let’s first talk about what is an even bigger reason to stop hopping on a scale… We are emotional creatures. Most of our choices … [Read more...]

The Truth About Beauty Interview

I recently did an interview with the The Truth About Beauty blog which you can see here. Below is a copy of the interview.  Today I want to share an interview I did with nutritionist Chris Sandel. I met Chris a couple of years ago through mutual friends and was very interested to find out more about his company 7 Health (http://www.seven-health.com/). What I find refreshing about Chris is his take on nutrition differs so much to what you read in the mainstream media. Chris is going to start contributing articles to The Truth About Beauty and hopefully this interview gives you a bit of an … [Read more...]

Controlling Weight Part 2

This is part 2 of the article. To read part 1 PLEASE CLICK HERE. When we try to consciously change our weight, the body invariably fights back. While it may allow some changes without too much struggle in the 10% range, anymore than this and the body stops being an idle spectator. Slow and consistent are not words in most peoples vocabulary when it comes to weight loss. With the drastic changes people make and the desire for quick results, resistance by the body is strong. The Vermont Prison Study was conducted in 1964. Seven prisoners were enlisted as part of an overfeeding experiment … [Read more...]

Controlling Weight Part 1

As rational and intelligent human beings we like to believe that we are in control. We have grown up on a diet of the American Dream and beliefs that if we are dedicated and work hard enough we can achieve anything. While it might be painful to admit, there are in fact a lot of things that are outside our conscious control. And when it comes to our body, this is especially true. Our autonomic nervous system controls functions like heart rate, digestion, salivation, sexual arousal and perspiration. Most people would happily agree these are automatic. But what if I was to suggest that weight … [Read more...]

Thyroid Function

While people are now living longer, chronic disease has become more of a problem. While some would put the prevalence of chronic disease down to our longevity I am not so sure. People seem to be suffering from chronic issues at a younger age. Drugs may be keeping us alive longer but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are healthier. One of the theories for why we are seeing more chronic disease is to do with the thyroid. The thyroid is a gland that’s is located in the neck around the region of the Adam’s apple. It is part of your endocrine system. This is the system in your body that … [Read more...]