Chronic Disease

Last week I read this article and its ideas have been rolling around in my head ever since. For anyone not familiar with Matt’s writing don’t let the childish humour and 80s references put you off, there is some golden nuggets of information in the post. When you get finished reading this article I recommend you check it out. It got me thinking about chronic disease and where it has come from. As a nutritionist there is a tendency to blame our chronic diseases on our changed diet. You do a bit of reading and learn about the damaging effects of vegetable oils and then note how much their … [Read more...]

Why Most People Shouldn’t Stand On A Set Of Scales

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily lead to better looks. Likewise, gaining weight doesn’t necessarily make you look worse. The look of your body is more about changes in the relative proportions of muscle and fat. The number on the scale is almost completely irrelevant in most cases, and many people are making their body composition worse by trying to lose weight. On this basis, the scale is already a poor tool at best. But before we dig our heels into this topic, let’s first talk about what is an even bigger reason to stop hopping on a scale… We are emotional creatures. Most of our choices … [Read more...]

Unhealthy Habits: The Role Of Circumstance

During the Vietnam War, the number of soldiers using opiate products on a regular basis was worryingly high. In the earlier stages of the war marijuana use was fairly common but from about 1969 onwards heroin and opium became more of an issue. It was estimated in 1971 that half of US soldiers had tried opiates and a report from the same year claimed that 15% of the troops were addicted. The U.S. government was concerned when the war ended that there would be a steep rise in the number of addicts in America as these soldiers returned home. There are conspiracy theories that comment these … [Read more...]

Is Your Diet As Healthy As You Think It Is?

It is not uncommon when people contact me for them to feel that they are doing everything right but not getting the results. I have lost count of how many people tell me they are already eating a healthy diet before they book in for a consult. There is a great book called Punished By Rewards by Alfie Kohn that looks at why rewards and punishment don’t work to motivate people to learn. In the book he mentions a teacher who has just taught a class. He ask the guy how it went and the response is something like “I taught an amazing lesson today, I had great anecdotes, it was funny, I gave them … [Read more...]

Real Food Summit

I want to let you know about a new event that is starting tomorrow, Sunday the 8th July. Sean Croxton who runs Underground Wellness is hosting an online event talking all about real food. Over nine days 29 farmers, nutritionists, and bloggers will be talking about real food and what the term actually means. They will be giving tips on how to eat healthier as well as looking at the health of the soil, the plants, the animals, and the future of our planet. The talks are available online and are free to listen to. The only catch is that each talk only stays up for 24 hours so you need to be … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 3 – The effect of water

This is part three in my series on blood sugar. You can read part one here and part two here. I had hoped to get this out a couple of weeks ago but things have been a little hectic as I recently moved house, and also got a dog. My life has revolved around packing and unpacking boxes and throwing sticks in the park. Thankfully, things have now settled down and work (and this blog) is now back on track. A concept that I have been looking into lately is the effect of water on blood sugar levels. This was something brought to my attention by Matt Stone, one of my favourite bloggers on … [Read more...]

Rehabilitative Rest and Aggressive Re-Feeding Part 2

In the previous post I outlined a diet that I decided to try out for just over 5 weeks. As part of this I kept a detailed diary of what I ate, my body weight, my body temperature and my blood glucose levels. You can see it all here. From reading through Matt's blog and the comments people are making there are some common themes. Most people who undertake this diet initially start to put on weight. They are eating a lot more food than they previously have been. On top of this they are doing little or no exercise and sleeping a lot. Pretty quickly their basal body temperature starts to … [Read more...]