Using A Computer At Night

It is amazing to stop and think about the pace at which technology is changing. Computers, the internet, mobile phones – all of these are fairly recent additions to our lives. But these advancements in technology have changed the landscape for how we work. More people are working in desk jobs than ever before, with farming and other manual labour being carried out by machinery more and more. These advancements in technology have also meant a blurring between work and non-work time. People will bring laptops home and work in the evening time. Or they can check emails on their phone in bed. … [Read more...]

Light Therapy

Do you notice that it’s harder to get up in the winter then the summer? Do you find in the winter you have less energy, are hungrier and moodier than in the summer months? Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD has got much more attention in recent years and is a disorder that affects many people, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. This article will look at why the winter can cause these problems and what you can do about it. Inside each of our cells we have a mini organ known as the mitochondria. Some cells will have just one mitochondria while others will have thousands. The … [Read more...]