Health and “Lifestyle Factors”

There’s a meme that I regularly see online. It comes in slightly different forms but one example is: “…the majority of chronic diseases are preventable and based on lifestyle factors”. I also see it where the words “chronic disease” are substituted for specific diseases. So the majority of “cancers” or causes of “heart disease” are preventable and based on “lifestyle factors”. Now this can feel like it’s sending a positive message. That we aren’t powerless and destined for this fate, that we can take control. But the problem is, we don’t necessarily have control over each of … [Read more...]

Using C.A.N To Improve Your Eating

This month I spent a couple of days doing nothing but going through research looking at how the environment affects our eating behaviour. It culminated in me releasing two podcasts on the topic (which you can listen to here and here). One of the big things I’m constantly trying to work on with clients is how to make eating healthful food easy and habitual. So rather than having to use willpower at every meal and remind themselves about the long term benefits of a higher fruit and vegetable intake, they set up the environment so that healthful choices happen automatically. A recurring … [Read more...]

Overcoming Human Irrationality

I was recently listening to an episode of Sam Harris' podcast, Waking Up. During the episode, Harris referenced a study done by Paul Slovic that points to the irrationality of human nature. Harris was talking about the study through the lens of donations (although the bulk of the study is about genocide and the numbing effect of large numbers). To quote Harris: “When you show someone the picture of a single little girl in need, they are maximally motivated to help. But if you show them a picture of the same little girl and her brother, their altruistic motive to help is reduced … [Read more...]

Understanding Self-Care

Self-care seems to be a buzzword that is spreading through the health community. It’s not new by any stretch but I can’t help but notice how much it comes up in articles or when people speak these days. But the thing that often strikes me is how misunderstood this term is. Self-care is too often associated with the clichéd things that one does to relax. Taking a bubble bath, getting a massage or doing meditation probably top the list of practices people think of when they hear the term self-care. And while I’m not against people doing any of these things, it can sometimes feel like … [Read more...]

Mind Body Musing Podcast

I’m famous…well kind of. I recorded a podcast last week with Madelyn Moon from Mind Body Musing. This is the first podcast I’ve recorded and you can check it out by going here.     It was a great chat and we covered things like dieting camaraderie, demonising foods, markers for health and understanding ‘problem behaviours’. Check it out.   … [Read more...]

The Snowball Effect Of Health

Often when people want to improve their health, it can feel like an impossible task. They look at where they’re currently at and where they want to get to, and it becomes paralyzing. You don’t know where to start, so you don’t start anything all. What I regularly try and remind people of is the snowball effect of health. When you want to improve your health, just pick one area to start with. Say for example you decide you want to start with exercise. Work has been a dominant feature for the last couple of years and exercise feels like a distant memory. But you decide that you are going to … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay And The Real Health Formula

Last week I hosted my webinar on Why Your Attempt To Eat Healthy Is Actually Creating Poor Health. I was really happy with how it went and the feedback has been amazing. It has definitely convinced me that webinars are something I will be doing more of; it’s such a great way of providing free tips and advice. I have had lots of people email to say that they were sorry that they couldn’t make it. Luckily I made a recording and you can watch a replay below. I know that it will provide immense value because it’s what I am hearing from the people who watched it first time around. If you want … [Read more...]