Using A Computer At Night

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It is amazing to stop and think about the pace at which technology is changing. Computers, the internet, mobile phones – all of these are fairly recent additions to our lives. But these advancements in technology have changed the landscape for how we work. More people are working in desk jobs than ever before, with farming and other manual labour being carried out by machinery more and more. These advancements in technology have also meant a blurring between work and non-work time. People will bring laptops home and work in the evening time. Or they can check emails on their phone in bed. … [Read more...]

Transforming Your Health

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I got an amazing email from a client on the weekend. I just finished working with Anna and the difference between before and after is like night and day. Below is her detailed account of what she went through and the results that she’s seen; it’s highly recommended reading: “I took the plunge and emailed Chris about a month or so after my wedding. It had been a long time coming, I knew things weren't right and I had got myself to the point that I couldn't fix things single handedly. Pre wedding I had done the usual diet, keeping calories low, working out like a demon, shunning carbs, I … [Read more...]

Why Most People Shouldn’t Stand On A Set Of Scales

Weight Increase, Improved Composition

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily lead to better looks. Likewise, gaining weight doesn’t necessarily make you look worse. The look of your body is more about changes in the relative proportions of muscle and fat. The number on the scale is almost completely irrelevant in most cases, and many people are making their body composition worse by trying to lose weight. On this basis, the scale is already a poor tool at best. But before we dig our heels into this topic, let’s first talk about what is an even bigger reason to stop hopping on a scale… We are emotional creatures. Most of our choices … [Read more...]

Post Exercise Eating

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Exercise is one of the pillars of good health. What’s included in an exercise routine will differ from person to person but I don’t think you can truly be healthy without some form of regular exercise or movement. But exercise alone is not enough. To really reap the benefits of getting-your-sweat-on you need to be eating appropriately to match your chosen exercise. Food and exercise go hand in hand and getting your post-exercise meal right is just as important as your exercise routine. Exercise is a stress on the body. While the word stress has many negative connotations, it only becomes a … [Read more...]

Hormonal Punching Bags

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“Just before my period my hormones make me crazy. I’m irritable, teary and God help it if someone gets between me and a chocolate bar”. This kind of comment is something I hear fairly regularly in practice. Women will complain about their hormones and it’s normally is linked to their emotions. But hormones have a much bigger impact than just affecting your mood. They are the master signallers in the body, creating actions that are body wide and directly impact on how each and every one of your cells functions. Since the 1960’s women having being taking hormones in the form of the oral … [Read more...]

Detoxification Explained


A client came to see me for help with her diet. She has the stereotypical ‘great body’, really slim and probably looks fantastic in a bikini; the kind of body most girls would envy over. She is very health conscious and eats all the ‘right foods’. She avoids meat (particularly red meat) and only occasionally eats fish. She thinks sugar is the antichrist and is strong willed and rarely touches it (except around her period). She rarely drinks, and as much as possible, does her food shopping at the Farmers’ Markets. So what did she want help with? She had terrible periods and was a mess for … [Read more...]

High Cholesterol

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I had a client call me recently. I hadn’t seen them for a couple of months but they had just been to the doctor and had been diagnosed with high cholesterol. The doctor had strongly recommended that they start statin medication to bring down their cholesterol. This client really isn’t into taking medication and wanted a bit of advice with what to do. I am not a doctor and I never tell someone to stop/start medication, it is not my job. What I always tell them to do is research the pro’s and con’s, look at the alternatives and make an informed decision. I don’t want them blindly following … [Read more...]