The Slow Progression of Symptoms

Slow Progression of Symptoms

There is a fable many people have heard. It often comes up at corporate consulting gigs or in self-help circles. The fable has to do with boiling a frog. It states that if you put a frog in boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you put it in a pan with cold water and slowly bring it to a boil, the frog will sit there and be boiled to death. Despite the fact that this fable is false, there is some truth in the sentiment it is trying to express. Which is that, when change is small and gradual we don’t typically notice it. These incremental changes become the new … [Read more...]

Using C.A.N To Improve Your Eating

Using C.A.N. to Improve Your Eating

This month I spent a couple of days doing nothing but going through research looking at how the environment affects our eating behaviour. It culminated in me releasing two podcasts on the topic (which you can listen to here and here). One of the big things I’m constantly trying to work on with clients is how to make eating healthful food easy and habitual. So rather than having to use willpower at every meal and remind themselves about the long term benefits of a higher fruit and vegetable intake, they set up the environment so that healthful choices happen automatically. A recurring … [Read more...]

Your Health Bank Balance


A helpful analogy I often use to think about health is to imagine it in terms of money in the bank. The better health that someone has, the higher amount of money they have in their account. They have more money (energy) to call on in short term emergencies. They also have the ability to spend more on long-term projects, without depleting the original pot because more money continues to come in. When working with clients, I’m always thinking about what their current wealth (health) is and what their current spending is like. What are things that they can do to bring in more wealth in the … [Read more...]

Finding The Middle Ground

Finding The Middle Ground

I still remember the first Monday after I quit my office job. I was going to be doing this nutrition gig full time and it filled me with a mix of excitement and dread. Even in this very early stage, one thing that I was sure of was that making nutrition a success wasn’t just about nutrition knowledge. It took knowledge of running a business and everything that this encompassed. So I started reading about marketing, specifically Internet marketing. As is common with these things you start getting on more people’s lists and reading their blogs and their emails. Being a rank beginner I … [Read more...]

The Meaning Of Fitness

The Meaning Of Fitness

Fitness is a word that is part of our every day verbiage. It’s a word that most people probably think they understand the definition of. But when I look at how people are training (and the eating they do to support this training) I’m unsure if people accurately understand what fitness is truly about.   Now the way we think about fitness will differ depending on the reason that someone is training. If you’re a professional athlete or attempting to become a professional athlete, the idea of fitness is more narrow in its definition. It is about training in a way that makes you better in … [Read more...]

The Different Components Of Health

Different Components of Health

When you hear the word “health” what do you normally think about?   Do you have a specific look in mind of what it means to look healthy? Do you think about various systems like digestion or reproduction and think about how these would be working in a “healthy” person? Maybe you think about various symptoms and whether someone would experience them if they were “healthy”.   When I speak to people or ask clients this question, the majority of the responses have one thing in common. The answers nearly always focus on physical health. Symptoms, body systems, exercise ability – these … [Read more...]

Why Do You Want To Be Healthy?

Why Do You Want To Be Healthy?

I was reading this article recently and there was a paragraph that really stuck out for me. It stated: "My spouse is a physical therapist at a nursing home and she sees death on a near daily basis, and has the opportunity to learn from those who are willing to share their life lessons. The most frequent comment has been something along the lines of, “I wish I would have chosen to be happy”. It made me think of other articles I had read about people on their deathbed and the things they thought about when looking back on their life. For example in this article the five most common regrets … [Read more...]