My Morning Walk

Over 4 years ago I moved out of London to the countryside. After spending my whole life living in cities (first Sydney, then London) I was craving more space, greenery and a different pace of life. It’s been for the better. I could write a whole book on the benefits I’ve experienced from changing my living location. But one of the best things to come out of it is my morning walk. Everyday after I have breakfast I’ll go for a walk accompanied by my dog, Rox.  Regardless of the weather, we’ll make our way around the fields and forest and typically walk for about an hour. So why do I … [Read more...]

Your Perfect Day

I have a detailed form that clients need to fill out before we start together, it spans 28 pages. Some of it is about someone’s past and current medical history, but a lot is just about getting to know the individual as a person, because we’re going to be working closely together over the next five months. One of the questions on the form asks, “Describe your perfect day. Where are you? What do you do? Who do you do it with?” What is fascinating about the answer to this question is how simple it is for nearly everyone. People don’t talk about hiring a private jet and flying to some … [Read more...]

Relative Deprivation

One of my favourite authors is Malcolm Gladwell. I read his first book The Tipping Point about 10 years ago and was instantly hooked. I’ve just finished reading his most recent book David and Goliath. It looks at how unfortunate scenarios and seemingly bad circumstances can actually be advantageous. Just as things that appear like an advantage, can actually be a hindrance. A concept that Gladwell talks about is the idea of “relative deprivation”. This is the idea that our impressions or feelings about a situation are not about absolutes, but are in comparison to the social norms that we … [Read more...]

An “easy” life and perpetual happiness

I’ve been in a bit of a reflective mood lately. The last month I’ve had some stuff happen in my personal life and it’s been possibly the toughest month I can remember (at some point I’ll go into the details, but not right now). So I’ve been thinking a lot about it and realised there are two common ideas or beliefs that people have that I regularly see as problematic. They’re not inherently bad but the way they are being applied can cause problems. The first idea is that life should be easy and the second idea is that life should be a perpetual state of happiness. Let’s start with the … [Read more...]

Body Confidence

I have two intakes of clients per year. At the start of and the middle of the year I take on between 20 and 25 people to work with one-on-one. I work with these clients for a 5-month period, only choosing people who are already committed to making changes and will see it through. While 5 months can seem like a long time, it really flies by. And as these clients discover, it’s definitely worth it. The majority of clients who come to see me these days do so because they want help with that messy business of how they feel about their body and their relationship with food. Sure, they normally … [Read more...]

Inequality, Health And The 80/20 Principle

There is a concept known as 80/20 Principle or Pareto's Principle that looks at the inequality that naturally occurs in nature, society and many other areas of life. This idea was really hammered home while reading a book called 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. Yes it is a business book but it lead to an ah-ha moment that can easily be applied to health, making large improvements with less effort. The principle states that in many situations 80% of the results come from 20% of the cause. While the ratios aren’t always 80/20, and could be 95/5 or 70/30, the idea is that there is … [Read more...]