The Snowball Effect Of Health

Often when people want to improve their health, it can feel like an impossible task. They look at where they’re currently at and where they want to get to, and it becomes paralyzing. You don’t know where to start, so you don’t start anything all. What I regularly try and remind people of is the snowball effect of health. When you want to improve your health, just pick one area to start with. Say for example you decide you want to start with exercise. Work has been a dominant feature for the last couple of years and exercise feels like a distant memory. But you decide that you are going to … [Read more...]

Exercise Should Be Fun

My sister is over from Australia on holiday at the moment. When I moved to the UK she was 19 and now she is nearing 30. We are close, but given the geographical distance separating us we don’t get to catch up in person very often. She has never been what I would call an athlete. While she played sport during her school years, she didn’t get into it in the same way as my brother and I. She is incredibly smart and determined and for the last decade or so since leaving school she has worked hard to carve out a fantastic career for herself. A couple of years ago this all changed and she … [Read more...]