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I regularly have people contact me asking for help. They are struggling with which diet to follow, issues around body image and their relationship with food, they’re constantly trying to lose weight, or they’re suffering with a multitude of symptoms. Whenever I meet people in real life and they find out I’m a nutritionist, they want to pick my brain and ask questions. Their mum’s doing some new diet, what do I think of it? They’ve just read some book or watched some TED talk on nutrition and what to know, do I agree? Through these conversations, what’s become apparent is that all these … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay

Last night I hosted a webinar called “How Thoughts And Beliefs Affect Your Health”. If you missed it first time around, or want to watch it again, here is a replay of it: Note: In the webinar I mention about a promotion I have on at the moment where you can have a free consult with me. To apply for this please click here. … [Read more...]

How Thoughts And Beliefs Affect Your Health

When people decide that they want to improve their health or their body they normally think they have two options. The first is to change what they are eating. This could be some basic stuff like eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water or doing more of their own cooking. Or it could be something more formal, where they start to follow a particular diet that they found online or read in a book. There is a lit of instructions for what to eat and what not to eat and they follow it verbatim. The other option people have is to change their exercise routine. And again, this … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay

Last night I hosted a webinar called "Maintaining A Healthy Weight Without Restriction, Deprivation or Constant Exercise". It is hands down the most well received thing I have ever done. So many people emailed me saying how helpful it was. If you missed it first time around, or want to watch it again, here is a replay of it: In the webinar I reference an online calorie calculator that you can see here. I have now opened up my practice again to new clients (I only have two intakes a year). If you like the information from this webinar and would like to arrange a free initial chat … [Read more...]

Maintaining A Health Weight

It’s that time of the year again and resolutions have possibly been made. You want to make 2015 your year. You’re going to lose some weight. You’re going to exercise more often. You’re going to eat healthier. You’re going to get a body that at least vaguely resembles all those people you see in the magazines and on TV. And how do people go about losing weight? Typically through some form of deprivation. They cut down on calories, cut out a particular macronutrient (like fat or carbohydrates), or cut out things like sugar or booze. Maybe they even start with some form of juice fast or … [Read more...]

Webinar Replay And The Real Health Formula

Last week I hosted my webinar on Why Your Attempt To Eat Healthy Is Actually Creating Poor Health. I was really happy with how it went and the feedback has been amazing. It has definitely convinced me that webinars are something I will be doing more of; it’s such a great way of providing free tips and advice. I have had lots of people email to say that they were sorry that they couldn’t make it. Luckily I made a recording and you can watch a replay below. I know that it will provide immense value because it’s what I am hearing from the people who watched it first time around. If you want … [Read more...]

Free Webinar

TO REGISTER CLICK HERE. At the beginning of the year I did 73 free one-off consults with people. Each of these consults were about an hour long, so this amounted to a lot of time speaking to people one on one about their diet and the symptoms they were dealing with. From working with clients over the last 5 years I have a pretty solid understanding of things. But this process really cemented a number of ideas I have had for a long time, confirming it in black and white terms. The first thing it showed was that the majority of people are suffering with the same common issues. There were … [Read more...]