Are Supefoods A Con?

I recently started working with a gym and last weekends did 22 mini consults over two days. They were a way of giving people a short nutrition session. As part of these sessions I asked people to run through what they ate in a standard day. I would say 90% of people were having the exact same breakfast – porridge with as many super foods as they could pack in. Cocoa nib, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, almonds, blueberries, goji berries, bee pollen, coconut water and more. I was surprised there was any room for the oats (which, thankfully, is another superfood). If people could have somehow made … [Read more...]

Health, Moderation and Context

I think the idea of context when thinking about food and health is often forgotten. Whether or not something is healthy isn’t an absolute and it has to be thought of in relation to all the other things going on in your life. I want to demonstrate by giving you some examples. There is an idea that if something is healthy, it must be even healthier if you do it more often. For example if going to the gym once a week is good for you, going to the gym five times a week must be five times better. Or if raw vegetables are healthy, imagine how healthy you would be if you became a raw foodist and … [Read more...]

Salt Is Not Your Enemy

If something is repeated enough times, pretty quickly it becomes a fact.There are a number of these types of ‘facts’ when it comes to health, often appearing more real because doctors tell them to you. One that particularly annoys me is the one about salt. You know, ‘if you want to lower your blood pressure and avoid a heart attack you should avoid salt’. I want to show you why I think this is wrong. Sodium is incredibly important to the functioning of the body and, along with a substance called albumin, helps maintain blood volume. Blood is about 50% water but if there is an inadequate … [Read more...]

Is Your Diet As Healthy As You Think It Is?

It is not uncommon when people contact me for them to feel that they are doing everything right but not getting the results. I have lost count of how many people tell me they are already eating a healthy diet before they book in for a consult. There is a great book called Punished By Rewards by Alfie Kohn that looks at why rewards and punishment don’t work to motivate people to learn. In the book he mentions a teacher who has just taught a class. He ask the guy how it went and the response is something like “I taught an amazing lesson today, I had great anecdotes, it was funny, I gave them … [Read more...]