Fear of Vegetables

A big part of my approach when working with clients is getting them to stop dieting. This isn’t normally something I have to suggest or push on people, they come to me telling me they’ve had enough and want my help learning a different way. If you’ve been dieting for decades, as is common with the people I see, this isn’t a quick process. I was having a conversation with a client a client just before Christmas. She’d been doing really well but was coming up against a bit of a challenge. No, it wasn’t that she was eating lots of chocolate and wanted to know what to do. No, it wasn’t … [Read more...]

Fear Is A Poor Motivator

As humans we are hardwired to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. According to Freud, as children this desire is the driving principle behind all choices and is about immediate gratification.   But as we enter adulthood, we learn to delay gratification, which is known as the reality principle. As part of this, one is able to rationalise the desire for long term pleasure and so in the short term is able to endure pain of one type or another. Regularly people will attempt to use fear as a way of helping to seek these long-term results. They believe that fear will help keep them motivated to … [Read more...]