The Different Components Of Health

When you hear the word “health” what do you normally think about?   Do you have a specific look in mind of what it means to look healthy? Do you think about various systems like digestion or reproduction and think about how these would be working in a “healthy” person? Maybe you think about various symptoms and whether someone would experience them if they were “healthy”.   When I speak to people or ask clients this question, the majority of the responses have one thing in common. The answers nearly always focus on physical health. Symptoms, body systems, exercise ability – these … [Read more...]

Starting The Day Right

We have a mentality where we want immediate changes and gratification. People want better health and a better body and they want it yesterday.   But in reality any changes that someone sees are usually the result of consistently showing up and putting in the effort. Sure, short term someone can do some stupid stuff and they can see change. But over the long haul people rarely see results with this kind of behaviour. One of the keys to this long-term success is making changes that have a trickle down effect (something I talked before about). And one of the best changes someone can make … [Read more...]

What I Learnt From Running A Marathon (For The Third Time)

On the 11th April I ran the Milan marathon. This was my third marathon, although the last one had been over 6 years ago. I know for lots of people who decide to do a marathon it is a grueling regime of different types of runs – intervals, short runs, long runs. They are running three and four times a week and build up their distance over time, with this process usually starting 4-6 months before the actual race. I was the complete opposite and I barely did any training. I decided to do the marathon almost as an afterthought as I kept seeing pictures of friends training together on … [Read more...]

The Snowball Effect Of Health

Often when people want to improve their health, it can feel like an impossible task. They look at where they’re currently at and where they want to get to, and it becomes paralyzing. You don’t know where to start, so you don’t start anything all. What I regularly try and remind people of is the snowball effect of health. When you want to improve your health, just pick one area to start with. Say for example you decide you want to start with exercise. Work has been a dominant feature for the last couple of years and exercise feels like a distant memory. But you decide that you are going to … [Read more...]

Epsom Salt Baths

While it might surprise you, exercise is a stress on the body. This doesn’t make it bad and while the word stress is normally thought about as a negative, this isn’t inherently the case. Stress from a physiological perspective is something that asks the body to make changes or adaptions. If the body has the resources to make these changes, then the stress is helpful; if the body doesn’t have the resources, then it will have a negative impact. With this in mind I want to suggest a simple tool that can help in times of stress. This can be really useful post exercise but will be useful … [Read more...]

Post Exercise Eating

Exercise is one of the pillars of good health. What’s included in an exercise routine will differ from person to person but I don’t think you can truly be healthy without some form of regular exercise or movement. But exercise alone is not enough. To really reap the benefits of getting-your-sweat-on you need to be eating appropriately to match your chosen exercise. Food and exercise go hand in hand and getting your post-exercise meal right is just as important as your exercise routine. Exercise is a stress on the body. While the word stress has many negative connotations, it only becomes a … [Read more...]

The Truth About Beauty Interview

I recently did an interview with the The Truth About Beauty blog which you can see here. Below is a copy of the interview.  Today I want to share an interview I did with nutritionist Chris Sandel. I met Chris a couple of years ago through mutual friends and was very interested to find out more about his company 7 Health ( What I find refreshing about Chris is his take on nutrition differs so much to what you read in the mainstream media. Chris is going to start contributing articles to The Truth About Beauty and hopefully this interview gives you a bit of an … [Read more...]