Body Wisdom

A common story that I hear when speaking to clients is how their body is “broken”. That they are angry with their body or feel let down by it. Or online, I see more people talking about “bio-hacking”. Finding ways that they can tweak or manipulate their body to increase “muscle gains” or speed up “fat loss”. The problem with these various narratives is the lack of credit given to the body for what it does. The constant focus on “fixing” or “hacking” is an analogous to a magician’s power misdirection; you focus on what you think is important, but miss the actual explanation for what’s going … [Read more...]

Energy and Thinking

Below is a quote from one of my favourite scientists, Robert Sapolsky. “You have two humans, and they are taking part in some human ritual. They are sitting there silently at a table. They make no eye contact; they’re still, except every now and then one of them does nothing more taxing than lifting an arm and pushing a little piece of wood. And if it’s the right wood and the right chess grand masters in the middle of a tournament, they are going through 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day thinking, turning on a massive physiological stress response simply with thought and doing the same thing … [Read more...]

Light Therapy

Do you notice that it’s harder to get up in the winter then the summer? Do you find in the winter you have less energy, are hungrier and moodier than in the summer months? Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD has got much more attention in recent years and is a disorder that affects many people, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. This article will look at why the winter can cause these problems and what you can do about it. Inside each of our cells we have a mini organ known as the mitochondria. Some cells will have just one mitochondria while others will have thousands. The … [Read more...]

Digestion and Energy

I recently did a survey with my mailing list asking people what they want me to write about. While there were lots of topics people were interested in, there were some issues that kept coming up again and again. Low energy and poor digestion were two such issues that many people seem to be suffering with. So in today’s blog I want to give you some tips for how to improve both these areas through diet and lifestyle changes. The first suggestion is to focus on easy to digest food. I see countless clients who suffer with IBS and digestive issues and when I go through their food diary I am … [Read more...]

Health, Moderation and Context

I think the idea of context when thinking about food and health is often forgotten. Whether or not something is healthy isn’t an absolute and it has to be thought of in relation to all the other things going on in your life. I want to demonstrate by giving you some examples. There is an idea that if something is healthy, it must be even healthier if you do it more often. For example if going to the gym once a week is good for you, going to the gym five times a week must be five times better. Or if raw vegetables are healthy, imagine how healthy you would be if you became a raw foodist and … [Read more...]

Autoimmune Disease

This week I have been asked to speak at the Members’ Day for Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis UK. Not a name that easily rolls off the tongue. These conditions are autoimmune diseases so I want to use some of the information from the talk to explain where I believe autoimmune issues come from. For anyone who is unaware of what an autoimmune disease is, it is when your immune system starts attacking the body as if it were a foreign invader or something harmful. Diseases that fall in the category that most people will probably have heard of are Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Type 1 … [Read more...]

Are You Afraid Of Carbohydrates?

I love nutrition and find the topic incredibly interesting. It doesn’t feel like I am the only one, as whenever I meet people and tell them I am a nutritionist they always have lots of questions (and seem fascinated by my answers). Probably the questions that I get asked the most is ‘what do you think about carbs?’ For the last decade or so, carbohydrates have been the villain of the health world, being blamed for everything from obesity to diabetes. I want to explain why I think they are actually really important and why, even if you do lose some weight, a low carb diet will fail you in … [Read more...]