Using Weight Issues As A Protective Mechanism

I love film. I know nutritionists are meant to say that they never watch TV but for me it’s not true. While I don’t watch normal free-to-air TV, I do spend a fair bit of time on Netflix. Movies are my favourite; more specifically documentaries. I probably watch 3-5 movies a week and the majority of them are documentaries of some sort. Over the weekend I watched The Other One: The Long Strange Trip Of Bob Weir. It’s a documentary about Bob Weir, one of the founding members and guitarist of The Grateful Dead. They’re a band I didn’t know much about musically but had always heard referenced … [Read more...]

Do You Feel Judged When You Eat?

Before setting up as a nutritionist I had a regular job. I worked for local government, as a housing benefits officer. I would make decisions on how much the unemployed or low-income earners would be paid to help with their rent. It was something I fell into when I first moved from Sydney to London but I ended up doing it for 7 years. Despite definitely not being ‘my calling’, it was really flexible and allowed me to study nutrition and subsequently set up my own company. I remember when I worked in the job just how much I used to eat. Every day I would be taking in mountains of food and … [Read more...]

Energy and Thinking

Below is a quote from one of my favourite scientists, Robert Sapolsky. “You have two humans, and they are taking part in some human ritual. They are sitting there silently at a table. They make no eye contact; they’re still, except every now and then one of them does nothing more taxing than lifting an arm and pushing a little piece of wood. And if it’s the right wood and the right chess grand masters in the middle of a tournament, they are going through 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day thinking, turning on a massive physiological stress response simply with thought and doing the same thing … [Read more...]

Eating Issues

Over the last year the number of clients I am seeing with eating disorders has greatly increased. Some have been officially diagnosed with a disorder, while others I am putting in the same bracket because from looking at their diet and chatting to them about their beliefs and feelings around food and their body, they fit the bill. Often their symptoms are much better than they used to be and they have ‘recovered’ in a sense. But while they may not experience the severity of years gone by, their disordered eating and thinking is still impacting on their health and happiness. According to … [Read more...]

Case Study Part 2: My Girlfriend

This is part 2 of the article. To read part 1 PLEASE CLICK HERE. I have a strict policy of not treating family and friends. I don’t think it works and in the interest of not ruining relationships I have always done so since I started practicing. If friends or family ever ask, I always recommend Josh and Jeanne Rubin from EastWest Healing. I have studied with them before and think their understanding of physiology is amazing. Unlike a lot of bloggers who know physiology, these guys are actually practitioners. They don’t just know things in theory, they also know how to put it into … [Read more...]

Case Study Part 1: My Girlfriend

Last year was easily the toughest year of my life. My girlfriend became pretty ill last summer and the whole issue lasted nearly 12 months. It led to big changes in our life and has impacted on how I practice. I am hoping the story offers some insight to health based on my experience. I have been seeing Ali for a couple of years now and in March 2012 we first moved in together. We moved into a studio flat in Whitechapel in east London. Even if you haven’t been there, maybe you at least recognise the name from the Monopoly board. It is the second cheapest property on the board and things … [Read more...]

Milkshakes, Ice Cream and Blowing Your Diet

If I asked you to create a list of ‘forbidden’ or ‘naughty’ foods I would bet it’s more than likely your list would contain ice cream and milkshakes. Even if they aren’t your personal crave-inducing foods, you can at least agree that they belong on the list. Experimenters feel the same. They love to use both of these foods to analyse eating habits, particularly in relation to dieting and over eating. Let’s take a look at some studies and see what they found. In all the studies the participants completed a survey to measure two components of restrained eating. The first is restrictive eating … [Read more...]