Water…What Is The Right Amount?

A couple of weekends ago I did 22 mini consults at both of the Frame stores. While everyone is different I often find that there are common themes that keep coming up. Unfortunately this commonality is often because people are following the same flawed health advice. While there is a shopping list of commandments that people are following to the detriment of their own health, what I want to look at today is the advice we have all been told about water consumption. Water is essential to life. Most people can remember from science that our bodies are 70-80% water. We are regularly told about … [Read more...]

Guest Blog Posts

While the articles on my own website have been a little slow lately, I have been writing for other sites. Below are a collection of articles I have written in the last month or so that are definitely worth a read (even if I do say so myself). This is an article I wrote on body temperature, pulse and exercise. I find that there is a tendency for people to push themselves too hard when they exercise. The point of exercise is to ask your body to make adaptions based on the type of exercise you are doing. But for lots of people they aren’t able to repair and recover and so exercise just becomes … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Part 3 – The effect of water

This is part three in my series on blood sugar. You can read part one here and part two here. I had hoped to get this out a couple of weeks ago but things have been a little hectic as I recently moved house, and also got a dog. My life has revolved around packing and unpacking boxes and throwing sticks in the park. Thankfully, things have now settled down and work (and this blog) is now back on track. A concept that I have been looking into lately is the effect of water on blood sugar levels. This was something brought to my attention by Matt Stone, one of my favourite bloggers on … [Read more...]

Do you Suffer with Period Problems?

he majority of my female clients suffer with menstrual problems. Some of them have been on the pill for years (or decades) because their periods were previously so bad. Others suffer with symptoms like intolerable pain, erratic moods, nausea and debilitating headaches. Some are so bad that they have to take a couple of days off work nearly every month. The causes of problems around the menstrual cycle are many. I want to touch on the main ones and the symptoms associated in each case. If you are a woman, you will probably be able to relate to some… or possibly all. The liver The first … [Read more...]