Food Hierarchy

There is a lot of confusion around what people should be eating and in my opinion, we need to go back to the basics. People are focusing on these tiny little details that make miniscule differences, but ignoring the really important stuff and the bigger picture. Everyone wants to know what are the healthy foods they should be eating or the things they should be avoiding without thinking about how all the other aspects of their diet also impact. In this post I want to give you a basic outline of how you should think about food, but more appropriately your diet in … [Read more...]

Stranger Than Fiction: Government Health Policy

For anyone who lives in the UK you will know that there are some big changes taking place. The change of the government in May has signaled a period of austerity (read: massive cuts). Mass protests by students have been a regular occurrence of the last couple of weeks but this is just the start. The government’s purse strings are being tightened and more unrest is a certainty as people oppose the wide reaching changes.  I have come across two news stories lately that really caught my eye. They link directly to public spending and governmental decisions, demonstrating real errors in the way the … [Read more...]