Where Do Cravings Come From?

I regularly hear from people who struggle with cravings. They complain that they are a slave to sugar or a “chocolate addict”. So where do cravings come from and what are they about? If I’m simplifying things, there are two main reasons for cravings. The first is from a physiological perspective. If someone is getting cravings for this reason, it is because there is not enough energy coming in compared to what they need. This could be because the meal they ate was too small, that they’ve gone too long between meals, that they’re not eating enough calories over the day or even that … [Read more...]


If you read mainstream nutrition you would come to the conclusion that sugar is evil. People watch Hungry For Change and are told that is just as bad as heroin. There was a period of a couple of months after Christmas when I couldn’t check Facebook without seeing that someone was doing the I Quit Sugar program by Sarah Wilson. Status updates of “3 weeks without sugar and counting” were a plenty and it was interesting reading people’s comments. It would indicate that sugar is rapidly replacing fat as the number one health villain. During the first consult new clients often ask me if I am … [Read more...]