The Snowball Effect Of Health

Often when people want to improve their health, it can feel like an impossible task. They look at where they’re currently at and where they want to get to, and it becomes paralyzing. You don’t know where to start, so you don’t start anything all. What I regularly try and remind people of is the snowball effect of health. When you want to improve your health, just pick one area to start with. Say for example you decide you want to start with exercise. Work has been a dominant feature for the last couple of years and exercise feels like a distant memory. But you decide that you are going to … [Read more...]

Traffic Lights, Guilt and Healthy Cake

I recently wrote an article for a cake magazine called Beaten and Creamed, which came out this week. Along with including a recipe from my healthy cake book, I also wrote a longer piece. The brief I was given was an article addressing the government’s traffic light labelling system and if it really works as well as touching on psychological effect/guilt response of consumers who buy products covered in red lights. The piece was meant to be 800 words but I ended up at around the 1,500 mark. To read the shorter, punchier and edited version, I would recommend buying the magazine. For those who … [Read more...]

Free Cake Book

To get the book please CLICK ON THIS LINK. Over the last couple of months I have been working with a number of people to put together a healthy cake book. The impetus for the book came from Liz Scully, a lady I first met a couple of years ago at a supperclub I hosted, and we hit it off straight away. Since then, we have been working out ways that we can work together and this book is the result of that. The aim of the book was to create a collection of cake recipes that are easy to make, taste amazing but are also healthy. All the recipes include vegetables – such as sweet potato, … [Read more...]

Bean Salad and Rice

Grabbing some take away for lunch can often be unhealthy or expensive (or both). Below is a quick and easy lunch option – bean salad with rice. It can be made in 10 minutes, even quicker if you have the bean salad on its own. Beans are a fantastic source of vegetarian protein and at about 70 pence a can they are incredibly cheap. Tomatoes contain a substance call lycopene, which helps protect the skin against UV damage. Perfect for this barmy British summer. Both onion and garlic are fantastic at fighting against microbes in the gut so help with digestion. All in all a really healthy lunch … [Read more...]

Homemade Hummus

Whenever I buy hummus from the shops I am always disappointed. I look at the list of ingredients and it states, rather generically, 'vegetable oils'. While I am never quite sure which vegetables the oil actually comes from, I would place a a large wager that it is corn, soy or sunflower oil that was created using chemical extraction. As I detailed in this blog post this is very inflammatory and not the kind of thing you want to be eating. And on the taste front it is just as bad. They are bland, taste grainy and are unpleasant. So I have decided to start making my own. The whole process … [Read more...]

If it’s Good Enough for Hannibal Lecter…

Following on from my recent blog post about making bone broth I have been back in the kitchen. This time I have made a delicious chicken liver pate. Loads of cream, loads of butter, filled with the important fat soluble vitamins and health boosting saturated fats. The recipe couldn’t be simpler and it tastes better than any pate you are going to buy from your local supermarket. I recommend you get to your local farmers market tomorrow and pick up the ingredients to make this over the weekend. You will thank me later. Please eat it while reciting ad nauseam 'I ate his liver with some fava … [Read more...]

Eating With the Seasons

Last week I got some leeks included in my food shopping. Despite being sick of them by the end of last winter I hadn’t had any in months and I was rather excited.  Every week my shopping is delivered to me on a Monday by Abel & Cole. As part of my weekly delivery I get a mixed vegetable box. This is a box of vegetables that I have not picked, but rather what Abel & Cole has chosen to send me. Getting this box has really helped my cooking ability as it has forced me to cook with ingredients that I would not normally have bought. But I think more importantly it has helped me to learn … [Read more...]