Taking On New Clients

I’ve been working with clients for a decade now. Over the last five years, the majority of the time, I’m at capacity and my practice is closed to new clients. But twice a year this changes and I open my doors again. There are a handful of reasons that clients come to work with me and this short list makes up the bulk of what I do. There is typically an overlap, with many clients falling into multiple categories: Helping clients quit dieting Dieting has become many people’s most practiced hobby. Since their teenage years or early 20s they’ve been on a succession of regimes. But at … [Read more...]

Amazing Results In Three Months…

I just finished working for a client who’d signed up to a three-month package. To say it’s been a stressful time for her would be a huge understatement but despite this, her health has managed to increase at a time when most people would have nose-dived. I am so happy with the results she’s achieved and this is what she had to say: “I worked with Chris for three months and he really helped me understand how to eat, when to eat and what to eat. He makes it easy as you are allowed to eat all the time, which is a big thing for me!  There are also a variety of lovely foods that are good for you … [Read more...]