Health and “Lifestyle Factors”

There’s a meme that I regularly see online. It comes in slightly different forms but one example is: “…the majority of chronic diseases are preventable and based on lifestyle factors”. I also see it where the words “chronic disease” are substituted for specific diseases. So the majority of “cancers” or causes of “heart disease” are preventable and based on “lifestyle factors”. Now this can feel like it’s sending a positive message. That we aren’t powerless and destined for this fate, that we can take control. But the problem is, we don’t necessarily have control over each of … [Read more...]

Lessons From Traditional Diets

I remember as a kid watching a show called the Bush Tucker Man. He was kind of like the Australian equivalent of Bear Grylls, but some 20 years his predecessor. Each show would have him walking around different parts of Australia and talking about the area. These would always be remote places cut off from civilisation and he’d be living off the land while doing so. Making canoes out of tree bark, and eating grubs, bugs, berries and whatever food was local to the area. As a kid I loved the show and found it fascinating.  Often he would meet up with people from different tribes and they’d … [Read more...]

Chronic Disease

Last week I read this article and its ideas have been rolling around in my head ever since. For anyone not familiar with Matt’s writing don’t let the childish humour and 80s references put you off, there is some golden nuggets of information in the post. When you get finished reading this article I recommend you check it out. It got me thinking about chronic disease and where it has come from. As a nutritionist there is a tendency to blame our chronic diseases on our changed diet. You do a bit of reading and learn about the damaging effects of vegetable oils and then note how much their … [Read more...]