The Health Halo

In the past I’ve written about a type of bias we have called the halo effect. If a person possess a single positive attribute, like they’re good looking, we’ll automatically believe that they possess other positive attributes, like they’re smart, funny, good with money, etc. The Health Halo This halo effect doesn’t just relate to people, it also relates to food. Our ability to evaluate a food can easily be derailed by some simple buzzwords. It alters your perception of calories. For example, if a food is labelled as “low-fat” or “fat-free”, people will typically underestimate the … [Read more...]

What’s Important Right Now?

The word that best sums up how people feel about health and nutrition is confusion. There’s so much conflicting information despite an endless list of things you apparently just have to be doing.   I want to make a suggestion to try and help with this. It’s not always going to be so straightforward and may require a certain level of self-awareness (or the awareness of someone who can help you). But the suggestion is to ask yourself the question “what’s important for me right now?” Sure, there may be an endless list of things you could do, but given your current situation, what do you … [Read more...]