The Rider, The Elephant, And The Path

It’s that time of year again, the time of “new year, new you!” The time when people make big plans to change their life…and invariably change very little. This lack of change is often blamed on willpower or some inherent character default, but neither of these are necessarily true. I want to share an analogy that’s useful for conceptualising how we make decisions and make lasting change. I become aware of it from the work of Dan and Chip Heath (it was in their book Switch), but the originator of the analogy is Jonathan Haidt. It is the rider, the elephant, and the path. The … [Read more...]

A Brief Hiatus

If you’re a regular reader and listener of my work, you may have noticed a slowdown with the content I’ve been putting out. I’ve only written one article in the last month and last week no podcast was released. Well, from now on and for the next little while, I’m having a break. Ali, my fiancé, is nearly 39 weeks pregnant. So literally any day now over the next couple of weeks we’re expecting a baby to turn up. This will be our first child, so it’s going to be a big change to our current life. Because of this I’ve decided to pull back on the content I put out and make the most of the … [Read more...]

Knowing What You Can And Can’t Change

When I was born I was absolutely tiny. The cord that attached me to the placenta had become tangled and the nutrients weren’t making their way through. I was so small I could fit in the palm of my Mum’s hand and spent the first couple of weeks in an incubator. As I child I really wasn’t into food. I’d probably be described as a fussy eater but I didn’t care for eating the way that others did. I’d run around a million miles an hour and eating just seemed like a waste of time. (Things have changed since then). So when you combine my poor start in the world and my lack of eating, it’s not … [Read more...]