Demonising Macronutrients

For a long time we’ve been fighting “macro-nutrient wars.” Macronutrients refer to carbohydrates, protein and fats, and for the last 50 plus years we’ve been demonising at least one of them. In the late 70s through to the 90s it was fat that was the bad guy. We were told that if we just kept our fat low, everything would work out fine.* From the 2000s to present, the blame starts to move to carbohydrates. They became the villain that we all need to look out for. But this constant focus on macronutrients really misses the point. Because the biggest change to our eating over the last … [Read more...]

How “Essential” Are Carbohydrates?

Back in April I did an episode of Real Health Radio all about carbohydrates. I talked about what roles they perform in the body, considerations when deciding which versions to go for and lots of other ideas. I upload my podcasts to Youtube and I noticed recently that there was a comment under it. The comments said: “There are zero requirements for carbs. Your podcast is dangerous with bad info.” That was it for the comment so I don’t have any more information of this person’s reason for saying this. But if I was to hazard a guess it has to do with the word “essential” that is used … [Read more...]

The Best Forms Of Carbohydrates

I was looking back at my recent posts and realised that they’ve been disproportionately focused towards body image of late. I haven’t spoken about some specifics around food in a while. But today I’m going to take care of that. And we’re going to focus on carbohydrates. Yes, that evil food that leads to “insidious” weight gain, gives you diabetes and prevents you from being a “fat burner”. Also known as your cells preferred energy source. What I want to share with you today is largely based on my experience of working with clients. Some of it is also backed up by research, but the … [Read more...]

Energy and Thinking

Below is a quote from one of my favourite scientists, Robert Sapolsky. “You have two humans, and they are taking part in some human ritual. They are sitting there silently at a table. They make no eye contact; they’re still, except every now and then one of them does nothing more taxing than lifting an arm and pushing a little piece of wood. And if it’s the right wood and the right chess grand masters in the middle of a tournament, they are going through 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day thinking, turning on a massive physiological stress response simply with thought and doing the same thing … [Read more...]

Post Exercise Eating

Exercise is one of the pillars of good health. What’s included in an exercise routine will differ from person to person but I don’t think you can truly be healthy without some form of regular exercise or movement. But exercise alone is not enough. To really reap the benefits of getting-your-sweat-on you need to be eating appropriately to match your chosen exercise. Food and exercise go hand in hand and getting your post-exercise meal right is just as important as your exercise routine. Exercise is a stress on the body. While the word stress has many negative connotations, it only becomes a … [Read more...]

An Ode To The Potato

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere we are heading into the cooler months. Despite the drawbacks of shorter days and walking the dog in the rain (twice a day…even in a torrential downpour…you’ve got to be kidding??), I am a fan of hearty food and love the winter grub. Today I want to write in defense of the humble potato. It regularly receives a bashing and is on most nutritionists and health advisors ‘avoid list’. I want to show why it doesn’t deserve its bad reputation and why it could be one of the best foods you include in your diet. So here goes, my ode to the potato. Most … [Read more...]

Are You Afraid Of Carbohydrates?

I love nutrition and find the topic incredibly interesting. It doesn’t feel like I am the only one, as whenever I meet people and tell them I am a nutritionist they always have lots of questions (and seem fascinated by my answers). Probably the questions that I get asked the most is ‘what do you think about carbs?’ For the last decade or so, carbohydrates have been the villain of the health world, being blamed for everything from obesity to diabetes. I want to explain why I think they are actually really important and why, even if you do lose some weight, a low carb diet will fail you in … [Read more...]