Webinar Replay And The Real Health Formula

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Last week I hosted my webinar on Why Your Attempt To Eat Healthy Is Actually Creating Poor Health. I was really happy with how it went and the feedback has been amazing. It has definitely convinced me that webinars are something I will be doing more of; it’s such a great way of providing free tips and advice. I have had lots of people email to say that they were sorry that they couldn’t make it. Luckily I made a recording and you can watch a replay below. I know that it will provide immense value because it’s what I am hearing from the people who watched it first time around. If you want … [Read more...]

Free Webinar

Free Webinar 7 Health

TO REGISTER CLICK HERE. At the beginning of the year I did 73 free one-off consults with people. Each of these consults were about an hour long, so this amounted to a lot of time speaking to people one on one about their diet and the symptoms they were dealing with. From working with clients over the last 5 years I have a pretty solid understanding of things. But this process really cemented a number of ideas I have had for a long time, confirming it in black and white terms. The first thing it showed was that the majority of people are suffering with the same common issues. There were … [Read more...]

The Truth About Beauty Interview

Nutrition 7 Health

I recently did an interview with the The Truth About Beauty blog which you can see here. Below is a copy of the interview.  Today I want to share an interview I did with nutritionist Chris Sandel. I met Chris a couple of years ago through mutual friends and was very interested to find out more about his company 7 Health (http://www.seven-health.com/). What I find refreshing about Chris is his take on nutrition differs so much to what you read in the mainstream media. Chris is going to start contributing articles to The Truth About Beauty and hopefully this interview gives you a bit of an … [Read more...]

Inequality, Health And The 80/20 Principle

80-20 Rule 7 Health

There is a concept known as 80/20 Principle or Pareto's Principle that looks at the inequality that naturally occurs in nature, society and many other areas of life. This idea was really hammered home while reading a book called 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. Yes it is a business book but it lead to an ah-ha moment that can easily be applied to health, making large improvements with less effort. The principle states that in many situations 80% of the results come from 20% of the cause. While the ratios aren’t always 80/20, and could be 95/5 or 70/30, the idea is that there is … [Read more...]

Digestion and Energy

Tired and Low Energy

I recently did a survey with my mailing list asking people what they want me to write about. While there were lots of topics people were interested in, there were some issues that kept coming up again and again. Low energy and poor digestion were two such issues that many people seem to be suffering with. So in today’s blog I want to give you some tips for how to improve both these areas through diet and lifestyle changes. The first suggestion is to focus on easy to digest food. I see countless clients who suffer with IBS and digestive issues and when I go through their food diary I am … [Read more...]

Controlling Weight Part 2

Starvation Experiment 7 Health

This is part 2 of the article. To read part 1 PLEASE CLICK HERE. When we try to consciously change our weight, the body invariably fights back. While it may allow some changes without too much struggle in the 10% range, anymore than this and the body stops being an idle spectator. Slow and consistent are not words in most peoples vocabulary when it comes to weight loss. With the drastic changes people make and the desire for quick results, resistance by the body is strong. The Vermont Prison Study was conducted in 1964. Seven prisoners were enlisted as part of an overfeeding experiment … [Read more...]