Food Hierarchy

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There is a lot of confusion around what people should be eating and in my opinion, we need to go back to the basics. People are focusing on these tiny little details that make miniscule differences, but ignoring the really important stuff and the bigger picture. Everyone wants to know what are the healthy foods they should be eating or the things they should be avoiding without thinking about how all the other aspects of their diet also impact. In this post I want to give you a basic outline of how you should think about food, but more appropriately your diet in … [Read more...]

Calorie Counting

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I used to be very anti-calories. The idea of calorie counting went against everything I believed in to do with food; it was something dieters did and my disdain for calorie counting was on par with dieting. Over the last couple of months I have started to change my opinion and have actually found the process to be really useful with clients. But before you get worried let me explain how I am using calories, as it is basically the opposite of most peoples approach. I have always been a big fan of getting people to eat to satiety and using their hunger to guide how much they consume. I never … [Read more...]

Fat vs. Thin

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In our society being thin is seen as the pinnacle of health. If you are thin you are hard working, disciplined and you care about your body. You have created something you should be proud of. Being fat is the antithesis of thin. If you are fat you are lazy, weak willed and don’t have respect for yourself. You should hang your head in shame, its despicable the extra money it will cost the NHS because you can’t look after your own health. I want to share an exert from a book called Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters by Courney E. Martin, a book I have written about before. It documents a … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Talk

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It’s that time of the year where people have made new years resolutions. Every year without fail, the number one resolution is to lose weight. The problem with this goal is that permanent weight loss is not as simple as it is made out in the media. The general mantra is to eat less or exercise more. While this might work in the short term, the vast majority of people put this weight back on, and normally a little extra for good measure. If you have ever wanted to lose weight or have made this one of your 2012 goals, then head to Neal’s Yard on Wednesday 18th January, 7-8.30pm. I will … [Read more...]

Magic Weight Loss Pills

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I have wanted to write about weight loss products for a while. Just after Christmas I was shocked at the amount of advertising there was for weight loss pills. I couldn’t go a day with seeing a television advertisement or a poster on the tube for Shapesmart. Then last week a friend sent me this article about Shane Warne. For anyone reading this not from a cricket playing nation he is an ex Australian cricketer who has always been on the heavier side. More recently he has started dating Liz Hurley and has lost 12kg in just four months. He puts it down to hard work, exercise and a diet shake … [Read more...]

Health At Every Size

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Look at the two pictures below. Just from looking at the pictures tell me which of these girls is healthier? Is it the hottie on the left, with the slim figure or is it the model on the right who is a larger size? There is an obesity epidemic going on. People are becoming more overweight and obese. This extra weight is unhealthy, causing these people to be putting themselves at more of a health risk. If only these people could take better care of themselves they wouldn’t be such a drag on our health care service. Does all this sound familiar? This is the information that most of us read … [Read more...]

The Gabriel Method

Gabriel Method 7 Health

Following on from my previous post I want to look at another couple of books and their take on weight loss. The first is a book called The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel. Gabriel used to weight 186kg (410 pounds). He managed to lose over a 100kg (220 pounds) and has kept the weight off.  You can see the before and after photo’s below that help to put those figures in perspective. There are a couple of remarkable things about this. First is Gabriel didn’t diet. He did not lose the weight by cutting calories or restricting himself. Sure he changed a lot of the foods he was eating but this … [Read more...]