Body Image and Men

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at Portugal airport waiting to come back home. I’d been out in Portugal playing golf with 10 friends, as well as my Dad, who’d also flown over from Australia to join us. A very memorable holiday. As I sat killing time I was flicking through Facebook and looking for things to read. I came across this article in Esquire magazine about the rise of something called “spornosexual”. After reading this post, I suggest checking out the article. The term spornosexual is used to describe a male who is social media and selfie obsessed and takes his cues on his … [Read more...]

NFL, Money and Dieting

Sports stars are some of the highest paid individuals in the world. And while they may have short careers, in this limited time they can amass a fortune that most can only dream of. The NFL is a perfect example. A 2013 study showed that the average NFL player earned $1.9 million per year and was in the league for 3.5 years, totalling $6.65 million. A different study put an NFL player with a median-length career as earning about $3.2 million in total. Quite different amounts of total earnings, but still a significant amount of money whichever one you take. But what is interesting, despite … [Read more...]

Women and Portion Size

There are lots of assumptions that we have about men and women and what is “correct” or “appropriate”. As we progress as a society many of these are thankfully being broken down but unfortunately lots of them still persist. One that I see that is particularly damaging is the idea that women are only meant to eat small amounts of food. That it is not womanly or it’s unladylike to eat decent sized portions. This is perpetuated by the fact that woman (and men) are constantly dieting. While some diets suggest you can eat as much as you like as long as you cut out some specific foods or … [Read more...]

What Are You Really Trying To Control?

Problems around food typically relate to a desire for control. While people normally talk about it from the angle of weight control, really it’s about control on different levels. In the short term or in specific moments, issues around food can be about controlling or altering emotions. Your boss had a go at you, you had an argument with your partner, you were tired and skipped going to the gym and now feel bad about it. In all these situations you feel negative emotions – anger, frustration, guilt, or shame. But by using food, either restricting or bingeing, you can change these … [Read more...]

Fears About Weight

While weight is just a number on a scale, people have many associations about what it means to be a certain number. This is true especially when people reflect upon times in the past. A lot of clients tell me that they have a real fear about weight going up. The fear is that the weight will start increasing and never stop. Here they are now at a size 10 and in their head they are already imagining that they will be 400 pounds and that it will just keep escalating. (I always find it strange that they don’t have the fear of it going the other way. That they start losing weight and it … [Read more...]

Is Your Body Image Tied To Your Weight?

We live in a society that values how someone looks, above almost anything else. This is more so for women, but men definitely aren’t spared. These standards of perfectly lit and airbrushed women and bulging and muscle-bound men are near impossible to reach. But this doesn’t change our desire (or belief) that with enough effort and dedication we can get there. With this as the backdrop, it then becomes common place that when someone has issues around food or body image, they believe it is because of how they look. That if they can lose more weight, then things will get better. If they get … [Read more...]

Mind Body Musing Podcast

I’m famous…well kind of. I recorded a podcast last week with Madelyn Moon from Mind Body Musing. This is the first podcast I’ve recorded and you can check it out by going here.     It was a great chat and we covered things like dieting camaraderie, demonising foods, markers for health and understanding ‘problem behaviours’. Check it out.   … [Read more...]