093: Interview With Pip Black

Interview With Pip Black

Episode 093: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. It's another guest interview episode of Real Health Radio and this week I'm speaking with Pip Black. Pip Black is the Co-Founder of Frame. As a child and in her early 20s she played top-level sport before going on to study Business Management. In 2008 she set up Frame with the goal of making fitness fun, sociable and flexible. Since then the business has grown to many locations around the UK and Pip has been featured in the Guardian, BBC News, Sunday Times Style, and received a Marie Claire ‘Women At The Top’ Accolade. More information can … [Read more...]

Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom

A common story that I hear when speaking to clients is how their body is “broken”. That they are angry with their body or feel let down by it. Or online, I see more people talking about “bio-hacking”. Finding ways that they can tweak or manipulate their body to increase “muscle gains” or speed up “fat loss”. The problem with these various narratives is the lack of credit given to the body for what it does. The constant focus on “fixing” or “hacking” is an analogous to a magician’s power misdirection; you focus on what you think is important, but miss the actual explanation for what’s … [Read more...]

090: Understanding Exercise and Fitness

Understanding Exercise and Fitness

Episode 090: Welcome back to another installment of Real Health Radio. This week I look at exercise and fitness and their role in health. I explain what exercise and fitness are, how they benefit us, the role of hormesis in this and the major factors that determine how beneficial exercise is for you. I also discuss signs of overtraining, the type of movement that is the most supportive of health and the role exercise plays in physique. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 2:21 Definition of exercise 3:40 Benefits of exercise 7:18 Hormesis and its role in … [Read more...]

My Morning Walk

My one daily habit that matters the most…

Over 4 years ago I moved out of London to the countryside. After spending my whole life living in cities (first Sydney, then London) I was craving more space, greenery and a different pace of life. It’s been for the better. I could write a whole book on the benefits I’ve experienced from changing my living location. But one of the best things to come out of it is my morning walk. Everyday after I have breakfast I’ll go for a walk accompanied by my dog, Rox.  Regardless of the weather, we’ll make our way around the fields and forest and typically walk for about an hour. So why do I … [Read more...]

How Our Mind Fills In The Gaps


Take a look at the picture below… When you look at it, what do you see? Hopefully you see a load of strawberries on top of a pastry of sorts that is sitting on a table. Now if I were to ask you the colour of the strawberries in the picture, what’s your response? My bet is that you’d say red. It seems obvious because they sure look red. Well it turns out that this is an optical illusion. There are no red pixels in the image above. The photo was created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a Professor of Psychology at Ritsumeikan University in Japan, who specialises in creating optical … [Read more...]

087: Understanding Energy Flux

Understanding Energy Flux

Episode 087: Welcome back to another installment of Real Health Radio. This week we are looking at energy flux and understanding what that means in the context of your life. I explain what it is, why it's important and what the major factors of your daily life are that have an influence over energy flux. Here’s what I talk about in this podcast episode: 1:56 What energy flux is 3:32 Why it's important 7:48 Different ways to increase energy flux 8:18 Increasing calorie intake 10:01 Getting enough of each macronutrient 12:37 Nutrient dense foods 14:55 Movement … [Read more...]

086: Interview With Andrea LaMarre

Interview With Andrea LaMarre

Episode 086: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. It's another guest interview episode of Real Health Radio and this week I'm speaking with Andrea LaMarre. Andrea LaMarre is a PhD candidate and Vanier Doctoral Scholar at the University of Guelph in Canada. Her dissertation research is focused on the experiences of people in recovery and their supporters. She is a blogger and activist engaged in the eating disorders community on and offline, and is a member of a number of organizations for eating disorder professionals, including the Academy for Eating Disorders and the Eating Disorders … [Read more...]