103: Interview With Eve Simmons

Episode 103: Welcome back to Real Health Radio. This week we’ve got another interview episode where I’m sitting down with Eve Simmons. Eve is a writer, journalist and one half of Not Plant Based. After recovering from anorexia, the 26-year old has dedicated much of her time to exposing dietary fads and health myths, which effect those vulnerable to eating disorders. She also endeavours to encourage others to follow her lead and fall back in love with all food.

Interview with Eve Simmons

Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode:

5:30: Eve’s background

8:00: Eve’s childhood + history with food

12:45: How her eating disorder began

19:45: Initial reactions to her weight loss

24:30: Should you say something to someone if you suspect they have an eating disorder?

29:00: Her recovery journey + what the process looked like

38:30: Her inpatient experience + what needs improving

54:00: How Not Plant Based came to be + what they want to accomplish

61:00: Some of the problems with the “wellness” movement

65:45: The pressure we face to “be healthy”

68:00: Eve’s interview with Deliciously Ella


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The Recover Clinic


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