What Content Would You Like Me To Create?

Back in 2010 I first started writing a blog. I cringe at my writing back then, but this was my first foray into creating content.

Since then I’ve done live talks, webinars, online programs, written a book and more recently started my weekly podcast show.

At the end of last year I took on an intern, Lauren. Over the last couple of months I’ve slowly been getting her to take on more tasks, with the goal of freeing up more time. And it’s working.

So I’m now in a position that I want to start something new…which is where you come in.

I have a number of ideas of how I could be spending this time and what to create. However, I thought it would be smart to ask those who follow my work and will ultimately be the consumers of this new project. What itch would you like me to scratch?

This is a short survey I’ve created that I’d love you to answer.

And when I say short, it’s not some trick to get you over there and then 30 minutes later you’re still filling things in.

There are only 4 questions (one is your name, another is your email address, a third is a simple multiple choice and the fourth is an “add any extra comments here” type deal). So you can literally be done in a minute or two, probably quicker than it takes you to read this email.

Your response is super valuable to me. It’s going to dictate how I spend a large chunk of my time, so the more respondents I can get, the more I’ll feel like I have a good gauge on what’s the best next step.

To sweeten the deal, I’m offering a £50 voucher to one respondent (who will be randomly selected). The pound may be weaker since the Brexit decision, but there’s still plenty you can buy with this money.

Make sure you double check your email address so I can let you know if you’ve won the voucher. Take the survey by going here.

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Chris Sandel is the founder of www.seven-health.com. He is a nutritionist, working with clients on a one-on-one basis, as well as creating online trainings and products about health and nutrition. He is the author of The Health Trap: Why "Healthy" Eating Isn't Always Healthy which is available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Chris has three free emails series. One is on how to quit dieting. One is on simple tests you can do at home. And the other is his take on the world's healthiest foods.

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